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Comment What a well thought-out reply. (Score 1) 380

I'm sure you're looking for an argument. Too bad - I'll stand by my (tongue-in-cheek) post as is.

I won't tell you to "shut the fuck up", though . . . I can think of no greater endorsement than attention from a troll such as yourself. Now, go back to your game of "Minesweeper" and leave the grown-ups here on Slashdot to talk about grown-up stuff.

Comment What a bunch of whining ninnies! (Score 1) 380

If you're using proprietary software, you're subject to the design and implementation choices of your software's owner (because they no longer sell software, they license it). That's why the desktop icon says "My Computer" and not "Joe Sixpack's Computer". Now, get in, sit down, strap in, shut up and hang on!

Comment Please mod parent poster up! (Score 2) 122

It's all about energy density. Has been ever since Orville conned Wilbur into riding that damned fool contraption back in the twentieth century. You need to carry enough juice to continuously counter the weakest of four fundamental forces and have a highly reliable power plant that's efficient enough to release that energy fast enough while not being so heavy as to ground yon flying death trap. Oh, and not running into stuff along the way would be nice to have, too. AI might do the stunt, but your average automobile driver can't even manage a groundcar safely. Who's going to insure these things?

Comment Re:sorry (Score 1) 184

Quoting Wikipedia:

Kotlin is designed to interoperate with Java code and is reliant on Java code from the existing Java Class Library, such as the collections framework.

That doesn't at all sound like "leaping from the JVM" has been accomplished yet.

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