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Comment Re:If the singularity doesn't happen... (Score 1) 135

Regarding what is or isn't possible with nuclear reactions, I'm rather going to believe actual nuclear physicists than a random Internet troll. "We've only extracted 4 kWh from a kilogram of fuel, you are going to make a power plant that extracts 40 MWh from a kilogram of fuel? Bullshit." Riiight...

Comment Re:If the singularity doesn't happen... (Score 1) 135

First of all, even just "the fastest we have achieved is 0.000542% c" and "we aren't going anywhere" are obviously mutually contradictory statements. Second, fusion allows for a few percent of c just fine. More is indeed problematic for a number of reasons but wasn't claimed, so that's a moot point.

Comment Re:AMD May Nearly Catch Up (Score 1) 86

and code for some other system to compile then sure

What, still live in the mainframe era? We've had good incremental compilers since the 1970s/80s. I mean, everytime the focus of computing shifted, the newcomers had to learn everything from scratch, but nobody is really preventing you from doing whatever you want. (Well...maybe Apple is. They really don't like compilers on iDevices. So there's that, but that only means that iDevices are not "real computers".)

Comment Re:Wow, and I thought the existing Sednoids were n (Score 3, Interesting) 135

This lends credence to the notion that you're going to get shared debris between different stars, rogue planets that don't orbit stars, etc.

But how many? I don't think the process of exchange can be fast - if those bodies had galactic escape velocity, after all, they wouldn't stay here for long. So they must be comparatively slow. But the distances are still large (tens of thousands of AUs) and the volume in which they could be present is really big. Would a frequent exchange mean that most of this mass (or mess?) is actually in the interstellar space? And not in some neat belts close around stars?

Comment Re:Offshore wind is very uncompetitive (Score 1) 222

I suggest you recheck your numbers based on updated estimates. They've dropped it to 14 cents per kWh for offshore. EIA's estimates for fast-changing technologies are notoriously bad anyway. I'm also puzzled where they actually got their estimates from when the first US offshore farm is still being built. Half a data point is not a large sample.

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