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Submission + - Trump Picks Staunch Opponents of Net Neutrality to Oversee FCC (

mmell writes: Fortune Magazine reports that President-elect Donald Trump has selected two staunch opponents of Net Neutrality to oversee his administration's policies regarding the Federal Communications Commision.

From the article:

Jeff Eisenach, an economist who has been on Verizon’s payroll, and Mark Jamison, who formerly worked on Sprint’s lobbying team and now heads the University of Florida’s Public Utility Research Center, on Monday were named to Trump’s “agency landing team” for the Federal Communications Commission.

I suppose that's one way to ensure that the marvelous communication mechanism that is the internet is brought under appropriate control. Who'll care about social media or streaming video if the sources are throttled at 28.8/57.6 kilobaud? Of course, Twitter will almost certainly be exempt — it wouldn't do to have POTUS's tweets go unread because of bandwidth limitations now, would it?

Comment Bad enough to be a glasshole. (Score 1) 330

Who want's to have a glasshole growing on his/her wrist? Kinda like a third [generative organ], I would think.

And aside from doing the Dick Tracy wrist tv/radio bit (and really - who wouldn't want to do the Dick Tracy wrist tv/radio bit?) - I just don't see this thing doing much. With the right sensor stack, I suppose continuous biomonitoring is possible, but with only a few exceptions I still keep coming back to 'why?'.

Comment It's cool. It's also going to be a while. (Score 4, Insightful) 88

I want flying cars as badly as any kid that grew up watching The Jetsons. Problem is, you can't let Joe Sixpack drive - regardless of what everyone saw in Star Wars.

So you do it with a local AI and sensors. Sorta like a self-driving car. Great. Let me know when it's bulletproof in a 2D environment and I'll consider the 3D version. Let's remember that a groundcar can reasonably be operated manually by most people. Letting untrained pilots fly higher than three feet off the ground will require the addition of a new category to the Darwin awards.

Too bad. I really wanted a flying car.

Comment The consumer market needs military-grade security. (Score 1) 432

I think we need two things:

(1): Some form of secure (preferably cloud-stored) backup/restore mechanism with appropriate encryption and access protection mechanisms, and

(2): A convenient, easy to trigger yet unlikely to be accidentally triggered mechanism to locally wipe the hardware. Factory reset plus cache clear should do the trick.

Comment Re:Something's missing (Score 1) 151

Agreed and seconded. Don't get me wrong - I was pretty unhappy when I spotted the throttling clause (and they described it as being throttled back to "modem speed" IIRC. Actually an overstatement on their part in my experience; even throttled, the connection is usable for basic network functionality).

Comment Still a necessary activity. (Score 2) 42

I'm quite certain there are multiple engineers within Samsung's organization who must have an understanding of Lithium battery technology. They must have been aware of just how hard they were "pushing the envelope" for a consumer-grade device.

I'll wager there were emails requesting that customers at least be exhorted to "use only Samsung manufactured and approved chargers" - and since we've all known certain Android apps to eat battery like candy, I'll wager there were more than a few internal emails warning that certain apps could be dangerous as well.

The Bene Gesserit understand the correct response. The courts need to tell Samsung: "You will pay."

Comment Man, I hate to defend MS . . . BUT . . . (Score 1) 187

I more than half suspect that the problem is coaches such as Mr. Belichick (not having grown up on a continuous diet of technology) either don't know how to effectively use the technology or (more likely) expect the technology to do a better job of implementing the "dwiw()"* function.


* dwiw() - Do What I Want (null function - a return code should be unnecessary)

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