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Comment Re:Public IPs at premium prices (Score 1) 282

10.* addresses are not really for home use - so I'm not really surprised you ran into conflicts. Home routers tend to use 192.168.x addresses for that reason. 10.x addresses are really for where you conceive you might need hundreds of thousands of IP addresses on your own private network (eg, you're probably an ISP or a university campus).

Comment Re:Moron Greens (Score 1) 432

Energy is not fungible. I can't turn a KFC Double Down into electricity to power my car (at least, not in any way that doesn't involve treadmills, copper wire, magnets, and a shitload of inefficiency), but I can turn it into power for my body. Plus, in 300 years, you think we'll be running anything off synthetic gas? That's a pretty low estimation of mankind's ability to innovate.

Comment Re:suicide? (Score 1) 164

You see, noone who really wants to die OD's on tylenol because it's a horrible way to die (though something like taking some monk's hood is probably even worse). You don't try to off yourself with tylenol unless either you want to *punish* yourself, you don't know any better, or you are doing it to get attention (which since it takes a while gives them plenty of time to "save" you).

Comment Re:Case in point (Score 2) 280

Perhaps as an Apple fanboi you kinda missed their point.

Let me re-iterate to you:

Do you seriously think that armed with a NDA-protected, $99/year developer fee, restricting nearly all aspects of development and content and NOT providing alternative app stores will EVER match up to Android?

Comment Re:Flash (Score 1) 660

Actually I have been doing for long time without AdBlockPlus but with FlashBlock. That was enough to stop those irritating blinking Flash ads.

That was until I was browsing some torrent sites and everything started to flash again. And it was slow because there was more ad than content.

Now I also have AdBlockPlus on this computer. Most of my computers don't have it though. Just FlashBlock. The non-Flash ads are generally not intrusive so OK with me.

Comment Re:Paradox? (Score 1) 238

The thing that is causing more and more of the PC gaming community to feel bitterly antagonistic is the continuing trend of "consolized" games being released for PC.

Ah. I could see how that could be frustrating. I played Oblivion on the PC first, and I thought the spell selection system was a bit bizarre (coming off of NWN as my last PC RPG before it). Later discovered it was because of console support. On the other hand, that's laziness on Bethesda's part more than anything. Dragon Age on PC has a more proper hotkey bar, for example. Developing for consoles doesn't prevent a company from doing the PC version right, they just sometimes lazily choose not to...

The PC is capable of a vastly better fps experience than the console is. Period.

Vastly better for whom? For everyone? Because having played both extensively, I can say that that isn't true, since it is not a vastly better fps experience for me. I'm sure it is for you, and I respect that.

And this is the sort of thing I'm getting at. The only reason there's a PC vs console argument among gamers at all is that we speak in absolutes. The quality of an experience is highly subjective, and a person isn't wrong for having more fun one way vs another.

It's easy for me to see both sides having been on both sides, and the PC players have some compelling points when they're talking about the merits of the system and not just blanketly calling people wrong for enjoying something.

Mouse and keyboard is unquestionably more precise and responsive. For the competitive gamer a strong case can be made that it's the way to go. On the other hand, the controller has rudimentary haptics to simulate kick, and a proper trigger you can pull. Having used both, the mouse feels more like I'm controlling a game and the controller feels more like I'm immersed in the situation. I think that for the more casual player who is interested in the experience more than the challenge, a strong case can be made for the controller (for the convenience of lounging back in your recliner without perching your mouse and keyboard awkwardly and precariously around you as well). If those perks don't particularly appeal to you, that's fine, you're clearly playing on the right platform, then.

However, none of that matters when the majority FPSs are developed with the limitations of consoles in mind (cover systems being a perfect case in point.)

Hmmm..... It's definitely the case that tilting a joystick is more natural for peaking out of cover than moving a mouse, though, fundamentally, I think cover mechanics serve a very worthwhile cross-platform purpose, specifically the idea that you can aim and shoot at enemies without exposing your whole body to fire. In realistic tactical shooters where you can't take much damage, it's important to have ways to reduce the risk of getting hit, and it improves the feeling of being a real life spec ops agent rather than a power suited space marine who could survive a tank round.

So the bitterness is a product of envy. Not of your systems, but of your popularity. Many PC gamers are feeling increasingly ignored by the mainstream gaming industry.

Hard for me to speak to that. PC gaming is still pretty popular last I heard, so if there really is an industry apathy toward PC development, I'd blame the industry and not console gamers. Maybe they figure that if they transition to consoles exclusively, their PC fans will follow them, and then they can develop in a magical fantasy land where piracy doesn't exist at all.....

Comment Department "K" (Score 1) 208

You are to file an official complaint to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation , into the department "K" (Fight against Computer Crimes).

The website in Russian language, but I think it is not difficult to find someone who studied Russian in a school or know it natively. It may well work.

Comment Re:Bahahah (Score 0, Flamebait) 115

Please explain how a law stating one may not release classified information is unjust.

At no point is there a clear accounting of money spent on intelligence agencies.

This is a false statement, as the intelligence budget is no longer considered classified.

As anyone can change Wikipedia at any time, the information contained in Wikipedia is not fact checked, nor is the veracity of the sources verified.

Comment Re:Why only open source? (Score 2, Informative) 293

And you get to have 1000 updaters all running on startup, each dragging along who knows what shared libs that instead of being properly shared are whatever version the app maintainer used.

Some distros do package up the latest and greatest. Normally though they use the latest update to the version of the app they shipped with, which makes sense from a support point of view.

Comment Re:Largest Nuclear Disaster? (Score 1) 413

I hear japan was actively negotiating terms, and not much different than what actually happened.

True, well to a point. Japan was actively trying to negotiate a surrender with the US. Unlike Hitler the Imperial Japanese government knew full well from 1944 that the war was lost. In fact they started sending out peace feelers after midway.

Japans mistake was sending their emissary through the Soviet Union who had no desire to see the US at peace with Imperial Japan so no word of this ever reached the Allied powers. In WWII there were really three sides, the Axis, the Allies and the Soviets, the last two simply had a common goal. The Soviets in fact attempted to prolong the Pacific war by delaying their entry (agreed to at Yalta).

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