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Comment Re:Fuck You Global Warming (Score 1) 344

You mean something like volcano ash, but higher?

Hmm... maybe we need a bigger volcano...

Nah, we need a good old fashioned global thermonuclear war. It would kill billions of evil humans whom we've been told are the cause of global warming, and it would create a nuclear winter, causing worldwide temperatures to plummet by 50C throwing us into an ice age for a thousand years. This would eliminate the global warming problem and we evil instigators of it in one push of the button.

Comment Re:How Wario got *his* name (Score 1) 103

It's hard to explain, but the long and short of it is that you have to understand Japanese.

One day I will find a Westerner who learned Japanese for reasons other than casually dropping the fact into web forums.

You mean you haven't met any who learned Japanese so they could train as Samurai in hopes of one day committing seppuku?

Comment Re:this creates ... (Score 1) 55

As have I. I'd love a simulation where time, money, laws, and regard for my own life or that of others were of no importance. Take a monster truck and crush cars at the 270 split! Race on the razors edge down the shoulder as you approach the GW Parkway!

I can see it being a great stress reliever :)

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