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Submission + - Framework for flying cars (sellcar-uk.com) 1

mkawick writes: The early days of the automobile saw very slow adoption from 1890-1910. Once paved roads and rules became widespread and the automobile became cheap enough that autos became popular. Flying cars face other hurdles. If a driver is bad in the real world, then the worst that can happen is that s/he crashes and kills a few people. Flying cars could become flying bombs of destruction taking out a power plant or flying sideways into a fuel tanker. Other problems are: what does a flying car do when it runs low on fuel, who has the right or way when two cars are flying at the same altitude, what would a flying car do in the case of a wreck (explode, land as safely as possible, notify the police, etc), and how do you drive such a thing (i.e. what are acceptable controls)? Most cars are simple enough but they drive in 2D; when adding a third dimension, how can you free the driver's mind from the complexity so that s/he can focus on the destination?

In light of Google's self-driving car announcement, I believe that we are on the threshold of flying cars. The Personal Flying Vehicle, the Yee, and robots that fly themselves elevate the concept to real terms. The things that I believe limit us really are a legal framework, the equivalent of roads, dealing with the crash aspect, and the robotic driver assist (RDA) to maintain altitude.

We need to face the real possibility that in the next 10 years, flying vehicles are going to be a reality. We need a framework of discussion, legality, and invention. So, how does one go about creating and being involved in such a framework? I am keenly interested, but there do not seem to be any forums for discussion and I'd like to create one. Also, flying car manufactures are coming up to speed so how would I engage them?

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