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Submission + - It's Official: Apple is a Religion (

mk1004 writes: From CNET's Chris Matyszczyk we learn that Anthropologist Dr. Kirsten Bell has determined that Apple meets all of the requirements to be a religion. No, that doesn't mean that you can take what you've paid for Apple products as a charitable deduction. Are we wired to try to find spiritual fulfillment anywhere we can?

Submission + - Apple, Google, Samsung, FRAND: What the ITC has to say (

mk1004 writes: Groklaw has an interesting entry showing ITC Judge E. James Gildea's ruling against Apple regarding Samsung's claims for several of its patents. The article notes that the judge ruled that Samsung's price was not a violation of FRAND, that injunctions were permissible at the ITC, and that there was no patent exhaustion.

Interestingly, the judge noted that Apple didn't even try to negotiate a price using the procedures available to it as a member of ETSI, and instead was trying to use the courts as a negotiating tool.

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