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Comment Re:Your rights OFFLINE! (Score 1) 709

however I'm ready to bet that the majority of English language speakers would say that 'as she walked home, one of the "Mean Girls" drove by and threw a can of Red Bull at her' means the Red Bull can was empty.

Not sure you know the use of the word "of" in this sentence. If we simply change the type of container that is used in the sentence the meaning becomes clearer "as she walked home, one of the "Mean Girls" drove by and threw a cup of Red Bull at her." There is no reason to believe that a can is more likely to be empty than a cup, but I am fairly certain in this case, you read the can as being empty and the cup as being full. If the writer had meant an empty can then they would had to have said "a red bull can" or "a can of air." To be completely honest both interpretation could be wrong and it was not a can at all, but the Red Bull contents of the can that where thrown.

Now I realize that both interpretations are valid in this context. I'm just saying if you are going to be pedantic, don't sound like an idiot while doing it.

Now excuse me while I pour myself a glass of water.

Comment Re:LED Light Bulbs (Score 1) 479

Just wait until LED light bulbs start hitting the fan.

I remain utterly unimpressed by LEDs for home lighting. CFLs have been vastly superior in efficiency, lifetime, and COST forever.

LEDs are nice where durability matters... I might opt for LEDs in my refrigerator, car, flashlight, etc., but for your house, who cares?

And don't bother bitching about the millisecond start-up time, that you can see the 200Hz flicker, etc. You just make a fool out of yourself.

Comment Re:Right into the trap... (Score 1) 160

You obviously have already formed strong opinions, but hopefully you consider these points:

1. It's interesting how people get so fixated on the Mountain Meadows massacre when that pales in comparison to the number of Mormons killed during the extermination order given by Boggs, the Haun's Mill massacre, the evacuation of Far West, and the subsequent push westward. That doesn't at all make Mountain Meadows massacre right, but it does help keep things in perspective.

2. Young did not order the attack but launched an investigation after the massacre. At least Haight and Lee were excommunicated. To use the Mountain Meadows massacre as an example in hopes to prove that Mormons somehow "secretly" endorse murder is desperate or at least naive.

3. The Mormon church does not "hate gays." Individual mormons could hate gays just like some individual evangelicals, Catholics or atheists may, but the Church continues to endorse the idea of loving one's neighbors and enemies. It is true that homosexuality is one of the more grievous sins (punishable by death under the old law), and for that reason gay people must necessarily repent before they be can hold any position of leadership, for example. Given the Mormon view that homosexuality is a sin, what you view as intolerance of the Church would really be the intolerance God has for sin. Of course, the grace of Christ provides everyone the opportunity to repent, so it's not like anyone is excluded. In other words, anyone who doesn't enter the Church does so by choice, not because they were excluded. God Himself will judge all; the Church itself makes no determination of the state of any person's "afterlife." Of course, repentance is literally turning away from sin, and everyone is capable of doing that if they will. Your view of a "tolerant" church without standards where anything and everything goes may make you feel good because it's easy, but I personally am not interested in religion which doesn't push me to be better. Judeo-christianity has always been about taking up one's cross and striving to be better. Christ's preaching of "repentance" would have been pointless had the Church He and the apostles established been "tolerant" according to your definition.

Just some thoughts.

Comment "We need copies. Lots of copies." (Score 1) 287

Seriously. Many copies. Multiple, ad-nauseum uber redundancy. And, so what about that DRM crap? Is it _that_ important to preserve pop music? If so, when did DRM ever stop us? Burn a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray and then RIP it, upload the thing. Put it on a hardened RAID, what...ever.

True, technology is an ever more complex cycle. I guess we should try to get the info/code down to lowest common denominator. Text? If so, what language? Boggles the mind..but if the unthinkable happens then maybe we can assist the great minds millenia hence rediscover what we did. What we did right, and how to avoid what we did wrong.

So I repeat, whatever the content is, tech records can be fragile. To paraphrase, "We need copies. Lots of copies."

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