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Journal Journal: Packers are Still Winning.

I tell you what, I had a great time taking a limo to the Packer Game. I used Phase 1 Limo in West Bend, WI. They dropped me off at the door and picked me up in the same place. There web site is


Submission + - District bans social networking and AIM (

mistert2 writes: A Wisconsin School District bans "personal communication via nondistrict-sponsored applications/devices between staff and students, including, but not limited to, the use of social networking sites and instant messaging."

A teacher is only able to communicate with a student via district technology, even if you are talking about non-school issues. I have discussed this with current teachers at this district. They are concerned because many of them are in athletic groups, church groups, and similar organizations. It has been a practice for students to IM teachers the night before a test with problems, but not any more. The district has an enormous amount downtime for their communication tools.

The best part is that they OK'd the use of cell phones for text messaging. I think this is crazy.

Slashdot, tell me I am nuts.


Submission + - SPAM: Giant gas field found in the Appalachia

Roland Piquepaille writes: "It's well known that the Marcellus black shale in northern Appalachia, which covers hundreds of square miles in five states (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and West Virginia), contains natural gas. But now, two U.S. researchers have discovered that the reserves are much bigger than previously thought. They estimate that this gas field contains at least 168 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in place. And they suggest that the reservoir could deliver up to 516 trillion cubic feet. By comparison, the yearly consumption of natural gas worldwide is slightly above 100 trillion cubic feet. The U.S. currently produces roughly 30 trillion cubic feet of gas a year. Horizontal drilling techniques could help to recover about 50 trillion cubic feet of gas from the Marcellus. But read more for additional details and a picture showing the fracture joints in the Marcellus black shale and how they could be exploited."

UPS Using Software To Eliminate Left Turns 511

cybermage writes "The NY Times has a story about UPS using software to dramatically reduce the number of left turns their drivers take. With a fleet of vehicles their size, the time and money saved by pre-planning routes that try to eliminate left turns means big savings." Some CS major probably figured this out instead of traveling salesman.

Submission + - Users Vulnerable

An anonymous reader writes: You may remember the MySpace worm that automatically infected profiles by using cross-site scripting. Facebook users are vulnerable to a similar exploit, which could be used to compromise accounts or force users to post messages, join groups, etc. A demonstration of the exploit is included.
Star Wars Prequels

USPS Announces Star Wars Stamp Set 153

morpheus83 writes "After R2D2 letter boxes, the USPS continues the saga, as it unveiled 15 new stamps featuring Star Wars characters at Grauman's Chinese theater in Hollywood where the original Star Wars movie opened 30 years ago. The 41 cent stamps will be released on May 25, and all the 15 stamps will be issued on a single sheet resembling a movie poster."

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