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Comment Re:Ruining it for everyone (Score 1) 302

Average lot is a fraction of an acre so the drone will always be in range of a few houses. Kind of silly to defend this kind of "privacy" given the amount of surveillance people not only accept but enthusiastically support. Pics of that girl fully exposed are probably on a dozen government servers and have been viewed by hundreds of "analysts"

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 0) 526

easiest way to get a bunch of Muslim terrorists in the US is to elect Trump and essentially declare Muslims to be the enemy.

USA has been assassinating and bombing Muslim targets on a daily basis for many years, if terrorists could have come they would have by now. The military industrial complex must be getting desperate for new blood if it wants to subsidize their travel. And no, we certainly don't need 600k Eurotrash either.

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