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Comment Re: Alternative media. (Score 1) 217

You aren't understanding that governments are pressuring the advertisers because they want certain political speech censored. The governments don't have the legal authority to control people's thoughts, especially people in other countries, but government's regulation of business allows it to control all mass communication. And the demonetization is just one step, they are also threatening to fine Youtube if certain videos aren't removed

Comment Re:All hail Siskel and Ebert (Score 1) 97

Siskel and Ebert each used a thumb, don't know what they did with the other two, but it wasn't a binary verdict. If ratings skew high this change means more of Netflix's content will have the highest rating, which of course is in their interest, though this seems really about eliminating public ratings, in which case 5 or 10 star private rating scales would have provided more precision at least for some users, but apparently the data shows that their customers find it too mentally challenging or that the catalogue has become to thin for detailed ratings to be relevant.

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