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Comment Re:It's not a bad thing (Score 1) 241

Different and new has nothing to do with better. A dwarf does not improve a basketball team, though he could indeed transform it into a circus act. And if genders and races have certain opinions, it is not unfair or discriminate against them on the grounds that these viewpoints are inferior.

Comment Re: Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score -1, Flamebait) 410

share her bed as a friend

Doesn't make sense in the era of cheap beds. If I did this with a male friend I wouldn't be surprised in the least to wake up to his finger in my ass, and would only have myself to blame

There's such a thing as marital rape.

Nonsense 100% invented by lesbians. Of course even now that they are supposedly getting married they can't be charged since there is no law against a woman raping anyone under any circumstances

Comment Re:She seem like a commie... (Score 1) 227

You have the right to vote for your representatives, but you have the obligation to abide by their lawful and constitutional powers

A little bit of asymmetry between a vote to give a pre-selected candidate a job and the control the voter's entire life. Regardless of what government needs to be "workable" or what "fellow citizens" supposedly decided, every man has his own choice. Granted he could conclude that he's actually wealthier due to taxes, though that calculation is questionable for many

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