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Submission + - NASA and GM to Bring Robo-Glove to Assembly Lines (vice.com) 1

derekmead writes: "Humanoid from the middle up, NASA's Robonaut 2, or R2, can share tools and workspaces with astronauts thanks to its impressive dexterity. This technology, taken on a smaller scale, could revolutionize the way factory workers complete repetitive manual tasks. The new NASA/GM technology, called Robo-Glove, applies R2’s strength and dexterity — achieved from a mix of leading-edge sensors, actuators, and tendons — to humans.

R2’s ability to use human tools was one of the principle design requirements when engineers, researchers, and scientists from GM and NASA began collaborating on the program in 2007. Robo-Glove uses pressure sensors in its fingertips, similar to those that give R2 its sense of touch, to detect when the wearer is holding a tool. The presence of a tool triggers the synthetic tendons, causing them to retract and pull the fingers into a gripping position. The glove will hold this pose until the sensor is released — until the human wearer lets go of the tool."

Open Source

Submission + - Strange Places To Find Open Source (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: "Open source is about more than code: It's also about tractors, prosthetics, Christmas lights, and the poor old U.S. Postal Service. If you don't believe that open source changes everything, take a gander at Marcin Jakubowski's Global Village Construction Set (GVCS), a set of 50 industrial machines that are required to build and maintain a small, sustainable civilization. The open source aspect covers designs, instructions, schematics, budgets — everything anyone needs to know to build their own machines, and it is all freely available and free to share."
The Military

Submission + - The F-35 story (bloomberg.com) 1

phyzz writes: "After 10 years in development and numerous cost and schedule overruns, the JSF program aimed at replacing several aircrafts from three major military services and partner nations with a fifth generation aircraft capable of STOVL as sustained supersonic flight in an affordable package finally gets some test points validated, yet faces an uphill fight against budget reductions. Bloomberg has this interesting story about the program's troubled past."

Submission + - Is PC gaming set for a comeback? (pcauthority.com.au) 1

An anonymous reader writes: A combination of factors like console penetration, piracy and the huge inherent variability in PC hardware setups have made the PC a third class citizen for many gaming genres, especially the kind of high adrenaline action games that were once the PC's bread and butter. Epic is a company that has been vocal in its shift towards consoles, with many controversial statements dropped over the years in reference to piracy being the reason. So it was with some surprise that Epic's VP Mark Rein spent some time recently pointing out that the PC is as important as ever. So why the turnaround? This article points out one interesting theory about why the PC might be more important than critics realise, even to the future of devices like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Submission + - Hydrogen Bomb in Space. (npr.org) 2

An anonymous reader writes: USA government detonates a hydrogen bomb in space during the 1960s.

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