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Comment Shoot self and respawn (Score 0) 416

Shoot self and respawn. Not a single STEMS degree has any value. Look at the billionaires. Do they code? No. Can they do complex math? No. Do they even have a degree? 80% don't. Face the truth and give up on a career. Go build a robot army in a unsuspecting country and become a despot. That will put you math skills to work.

Comment Re:No Software Development in the U.S. (Score 0) 504

I have games on 30 stores including Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=AllBinary I have my AllBinary Platform with 1.2 million plus lines of code. https://github.com/AllBinary/AllBinary-Platform I have 8+ years of the last 12. I will build a self replicating robot army in 7 years or less. Oddly I do have 2 phone interviews for NC this coming week.

Comment No Software Development in the U.S. (Score 0) 504

I have had a BSCS for 12 years and I can tell you right now that not much code is being done in the U.S. for much money. Just look at RentACoder, Elance, xcoder, and other sites. They pay about 2 dollars an hour if your lucky. So it is kind of pointless. Even with 10 years of developing code you won't make much developing software in the U.S. If you want customer support or something then it is possible, but that isn't really tech related.

Comment Self Employed Computer Scientist below Poverty 8yr (Score 0) 349

I could not get a real software development job in the U.S. over the last 10 years. I have a BSCS from a large University and a 3.5 for my major. I scored in the top .001 percent of the math portion of the SATs. I have 140+ IQ. Over the last 10 years I wrote more than 1,200,000 lines of code yet I have had only 2 job offers and both of them did not really want a full time software developer. I worked hard yet I have been below the Federal Poverty Line for 8 of 10 years. So, for some BSCS people jobs are hard to come by. If you must pay for FMLA, Child Tax Credit, House Mortgage Deductions, SS, and other Nazi ponzi schemes for the rich then your even worse off. So don't give me this shit that good CS jobs are common and easily available in the U.S. For years cheap currency markets gobbled up all the jobs, and the Nazi regime pretends otherwise.

Comment Raspberrry Pi with the AllBinary Platform (Score -1) 194

I want to make an open game console with Raspberry Pi. I have 2.6 million dollars worth of code released for the project according to ohloh.net: https://www.ohloh.net/p/AllBinary-Platform So I try to sell a some with my games and AllBinary Platform installed. It is an open gaming platform that runs on all kinds of hardware and Operating Systems. So far it will work on Android, J2ME, and J2SE so it covers about 2 billion devices. It is mainly and interest for Java developers that like to make games.

Comment No country ever survives Austerity. (Score -1) 306

Name one country that did not change governments after Austerity went on for a few years? Germany had Austerity. 6 Million dead as a result. Russia had Austerity. 50 Million dead as a result. Egypt Empire had Austerity. 1.2 Million dead in an empire of a few million. E.U. has Austerity. How many will die? U.S. coming into Austerity?

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