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Submission + - Feds launch Carrier IQ investigation (

zacharye writes: Federal investigators have launched a probe in order to determine the legality surrounding the use of Carrier IQ software, which tracks smartphone activity and sends certain data to wireless carriers without users’ knowledge...

Submission + - SpyEye Trojan Steals Banking Codes (

itwbennett writes: "Researchers from browser security vendor Trusteer have identified a new variant of the SpyEye Trojan that circumvents mobile SMS security procedures by tricking online banking users into changing the phone numbers associated with their accounts. 'Using a combination of MITB (man in the browser injection) technology and social engineering, fraudsters are not only able to bypass OOBA but also buy themselves more time since the transactions have been verified and fly under the radar of fraud detection systems,' Trusteer's Amit Klein warned."

Submission + - Beat the Sony and EA EULAs with Gamers Opt Out (

AndrewGOO9 writes: In the wake of the issues with the Playstation Network, Sony has gone out of their way to remove any gamers ability to sue them collectively without an arbitrator chosen by the company as a result of the latest EULA, which coincidentally bars you from accessing the PSN, should you decline. Conversely, EA's Origin service is doing something similar, all the while trying to monitor what exactly you're doing on your PC, Big Brother-style. Well, that's where GamersOptOut comes in. They will send a letter on your behalf to Sony and EA to prevent just that — as long as you do so within 30 days.

Submission + - The Evolution of 'Star Trek' (Infographic) (

adumonit writes: TV producer, Gene Roddenberry's optimistic vision of the future has captivated fans for nearly half a century. Six television series and 11 films depict humanity hundreds of years in the future, exploring the stars and battling alien enemies that include Klingons, Romulans and Borg.

Submission + - AT&T&T: The New US GSM Monopoly (

itwbennett writes: "Why should consumers care about the AT&T/T-mobile merger? Already, Verizon has dropped unlimited data plans and the US trails Japan, South Korea, and others in variety and performance of mobiles. Don't think for a second that those aren't the direct result this new monopoly, says blogger Tom Henderson. '...Those pesky State agencies that used to have regulatory authority has been usurped by the US Federal Government,' writes Henderson. 'This wasn’t an accident. Who would you rather deal with, 43 different state regulatory authorities, or those convenient people on Capitol Hill?'"

Submission + - Nissan LEAF leaks Speed & Location to RSS feed (

thecarchik writes: An intrepid tinkerer has discovered yet another security issue with the Nissan Leaf, it could be revealing your location (and speed!) to websites around the globe.

The issue stems from CARWINGS, the telematics system that Nissan devised for the Leaf. As we've previously mentioned, CARWINGS can do some very nifty stuff, like allow you to see how much charge is left in the EV's battery and compare your usage stats to those of other Leaf owners. CARWINGS also lets you keep up with news on the go via its built-in RSS reader — and that's exactly where the security problem lies.

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