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Comment What is a mediocre job? (Score 1) 757

If you don't have objective proof of somebody performing poorly, why should you be able to endanger that person's living?

In any case, nowadays any company worth its salt has performance appraisals, that way people that could do better are offered the carrot of bonuses and raises

Comment Re:I can see plenty of uses for it. (Score 1) 557

Bad analogy. Kia =/= Honda whereas a Compaq PC-compatible == Mac in terms of reliability. Here's a better analogy:

So Honda announced a bunch of new Acura models.

Cool. I was looking at buying a new Civic for $15k. Can I buy one of those new Acuras for that price? I don't see any listed here or on (shrug). I guess I'll buy the Civic instead of the overpriced luxury model. (i.e. I'll buy the mass-produced Compaq instead of the luxury Mac. I'm not rich.)

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