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Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Skype forcing Mac users to upgrade client (

mijkal writes: Nevermind a huge outcry over the iTunes-like behemoth of Skype v5 for Mac. Users with v2.8 are being pushed an update to v5 regardless of update preferences. I even restored v2.8 from TimeMachine only to have it update itself again within minutes, offering only an option to relaunch the app.

Submission + - Newspaper guilty of copyright entrapment? (

mijkal writes: From the article: "A website operator is accusing the Las Vegas Review-Journal of entrapment for inviting readers to share its stories online — and then participating in lawsuits against readers who post that material online. ... (He) said the portion of the six-paragraph column that was displayed on his website — four paragraphs with credit to and a link to the R-J — was provided automatically through a syndication arrangement through Real Simple Syndication (RSS). ... As in most of the Righthaven lawsuits, the lawsuit demanded $75,000 in damages and forfeiture of Burrage's website domain name,"

Submission + - Reasons not to buy an iPhone 4 ... unreasonable?

mijkal writes: CNet has taken a page from Fox News in this bit (also being broadcast as a condensed commercial on streaming radio) featuring Editor at Large Brian Cooley's 'Top 5 reasons not to buy an iPhone 4' (Flash required; boo). His argument that Verizon will get the iPhone within in months and everyone will rejoice seems incredulous (Verizon was allegedly made the initial offer and rejected, and they are notorious for locking down features for no good reason. Who wants a network on which you can't do data and calls simultaneously?), but then he points to Sprint's '4G' network and claims that it's better than '3G'. Being a tech editor, I'd hope he knows that marketing numbers real-world metrics. And he points to AT&T's end of unlimited data plans, which probably won't be on Verizon much longer either. Disclaimer: I'm all for carrier choice, but these arguments just don't seem grounded in facts and logic, and that's what annoys me here.

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