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Submission + - Whistleblower Claims Tritium Leak Is Not New (

mdsolar writes: The radioactive tritium leak at Vermont Yankee nuclear power station may not have been the first at the plant. A whistleblower claims the plant made duct tape-like repairs two years ago in lieu of correct procedures which would have involved a plant shutdown. The claim is especially significant because the plant has been providing false information to the Government of Vermont concerning the existence of the leaking systems. If they were making repairs, however poorly done, to a system they claimed did not exist, the problems at plant owner Entergy may run very deep indeed drawing into question safety at the nine other plants they run as well. A tritium leak also turned up at the Oconee power plant in South Carolina a plant that has already been granted a 20 year license extension which Entergy seeks for some of its plants. Indications of malfeasance aside, it may be that power plants built to last 40 years should not be given licenses to run for 60.

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