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Comment Re:I'll be adding to that number soon (Score 1) 381

In case you actually read your replies, or someone else in a similar situation reads this, in all sincerity I have two questions.

What is it you really have experience in and know how to do? (programming, sysadmin, welding, etc)

Where do you live?

Cause in my neck of the woods, we seriously cannot hire enough people. I'm sitting on 2-3 developer vacancies and 3 IT/sysad vacancies. And yes I do the interviewing and hiring. And yes I hire junior people with the intent to train and grow them. And yes I hire senior people if they are smart and can get things done, not if they have technology X on their resume.

So I am honestly curious, cause its been 6-9 months now and I cannot find people.

Comment Re:Lack of friends (Score 1) 146

(feels for you)

Same thing with my son. What's really heartbreaking is how he "tries" to make friends, i.e. walks up to kids at the playground and stuff, but is socially awkward so they inevitably tease him or disregard him. Which makes him sad.

Man, I wish there was a way to teach your kids that it'll be ok, someday he'll have a close friend or significant other and it'll all be ok.

P.S. You made me a little bit sad at work today. But that's ok. We're all in this together.

Comment Re:Amazon I think may fall down a bit... (Score 1) 250

To be honest...CloudFormation. Being able to define the entire environment in code(ish), and letting the environment self-manage and self-heal. We don't have sysads who sit at the console and manually configure things, launching servers and whatnot. In fact, in the prod VPC no on logs in to any servers. If there's a new redhat patch or something, the base image gets updated and the instances in the production environment automatically replace themselves.

Check out the Netflix Tech Blog for some ideas on how to manage an environment in a controlled, hands-off way like this. We know EXACTLY what prod looks like because its strictly defined, and we run an exact copy of the CloudFormation in dev (except for external DNS) so we can do system/integration testing.

But from a developer perspective, we're actually moving away from even having our own VMs. Now I can write all my code as Lambda or Elastic Beanstalk or Elastic MapReduce, use RDS or Dynamo as the backend. Use SMS or SQS services so I don't even need APN/GCN direct access anymore. Host all my APIs consolidated with API Gateway, shared the APIs amongst my web and mobile clients. Now I've got my entire product line and services in a scalable, easily-managed environment.

To be honest, you can probably do this in Azure with a different set of services and things, but it does seem really easy and powerful in AWS to get things going, instead of just deploying to a hosted IIS/SQLServer combo.

Comment Re:Facebook is already declining (Score 3, Insightful) 250

As a "place where people are on the internet" it's not bad

I think this is where you hit it on the head, at least from a business perspective. Now I know there's a lot of Facebook haters ("You'll never catch ME on there!"). And hey, good for you. Seriously. But the bald truth right now is that facebook has like a billion users, so if you're in any sort of consumer-facing sector, if you're not leveraging Facebook in some way you're really missing the boat.

Comment Re:Amazon I think may fall down a bit... (Score 3, Informative) 250

I guess you're modded up because you sound interesting, but really? I'm not trying to be insulting but do you know what you are talking about?

This article is a little old but AWS really is that far ahead of everyone else.

Plus, in terms of services and features, AWS is also ahead.

Now where Azure has benefit is if you're an MS shop and you want to just outsource your entire backoffice. But if you're developing....AWS has a lot more features than Azure, if you know what you're doing. No, you can't throw together a .NET wizard-based project, but if you're using an open source stack, or more of a LAMP-like MVC environment (python, rubyonrails, etc) then AWS throws so many tools for you to use (RDS, Dynamo, S3, etc) then its hard to see how you DON'T think AWS is a good environment for developers.

And what do you mean by "Platform Issues"?

And actually, all the enterprise developers I've worked with are looking more at AWS than Azure (not that I'm some sort of worldwide development expert or anything).

Comment Re:Because they are stupid. (Score 1) 729

That's actually not the reality I've seen. Maybe this is true on the West Coast, but in Atlanta and the southeast there are more openings than people, seriously not enough talent. If my boss fired me I could walk into another job right away with no salary cut.

I don't know what its like in California or those big tech hubs, but in Atlanta if you've already got tech skills you're pretty much set.

Comment Re:"You've heard of the Paleo diet" (Score 2, Interesting) 315

Why is it silly shit? Because you haven't heard of it? Because hipsters like it? Does that make it bad? Hipsters like exercising, too. So exercise is bad? Google something like "interval training" and you'll probably get lots of marketing crap. That doesn't mean that running wind sprints is bad.

Dude, just because you, with your all-knowing all-knowingness, haven't heard of something doesn't mean its silly and its shit.

You wanna know what paleo really is, if you take away the marketing name? Stop eating shit. Don't eat convenience foods, don't eat junk food with sugar and HFCS and other crap. Eat meat and vegetables. Does that sound like shit to you? To eat healthier?

I guess what bothers me is that this single quote dismissing a way to eat better and improve your health makes a single remark and its somehow insightful. Especially when several other Slashdot articles actually encourage this type of eating. An alternative approach is to actually research something better than a glance at a Google search, and maybe consider that someone out there knows more than you on a topic. Especially when that topic can improve your life and the lives of other people around you.

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