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Comment Re:Partially a lack of interest by users (Score 0) 663

I always wonder what people mean by Apple having "good hardware"

  • It can't mean that the plastic edges are smoothed so you don't cut your self on the computer, because they frequently have not done that.
  • It can't mean that parts are engineered to hold up to regular wear and tear, because the original mag safe power cords didn't, and blaming user error for normal wear and tear seams common.
  • It can't mean that the open firmware that boots the computer is normally programmed to spec, as it normally isn't (NetBSD has identified over 30 out of spec versions of apple firmware)
  • It can't mean that they produce laptops that never have problems with the keyboard melting because REV A of the 15 inch macbook pro did melt keyboards.

I live with a former editor of mac week and have a dozen Macs around the house and am constantly amazed at the repair bills on them. (They really do seem to have a 18 month life span if you use the machine full time )

Also, I don't know of a manufacturer that makes substantially better stuff, but just because everything else is garbage doesn't make Apple products good.

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