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Journal Journal: SWTOR

Anyone else enjoying SWTOR as much as I am?

Sith Inquisitor, Sorcerer Heals... the whole game is just amazingly fun.

And no pandas to be seen, at least in the immediate future.

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Journal Journal: Suggestion for 8

It would be nice to have the karma scores on each reply to your posts here, so that you can get a sense if replies are worth reading. Also it would be really nice to have a link to on the masthead.
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Journal Journal: Hello Again Slashdot 6

EDIT: I accidentally submitted this journal entry as a story because of all the changes in the Slashdot UI. I assumed that Slashcode would be more intuitive than this. The following is my latest journal entry, now that I've figured out where it goes.

Hello folks, just touching base with my Slashdot journal. It's been a long time since I've written anything here and I'd like to start by saying I've made a lot of changes in my life since then.

I quit World of Warcraft, fully stocked my kitchen with fresh veggies and healthy food, joined a gym, started working with a trainer and I'm fucking happier than I've ever been! :)

My job is going well, I'm getting ready to buy a new 4wd SUV and I'm happy with my life again, thanks to my family and IRL friends. Any suggestions on fuel efficient vehicles that fit this description are welcome.

I missed Slashdot quite a bit since I was last here and just to let you know I've been over at Reddit, but that's kinda fun and stuff although it's not the same as the nerdy goodness of this fucking awesome website.

I wanna wish all you guys health, wealth and happiness.


Journal Journal: I AM BACK 7

I'm sorry to have been away for so long, but I have returned! Now that unpleasantness is over I can read over all my emails, and such. Hmmm. Nothing here? WHAT?

Nobody missed me, nobody cared. It was like a million voices continued on while I was away from Slashdot. I suppose being on a spec in the middle of a sandy beach of specs in the floating massiveness of universialitude, I could not be missed had I evaporated and rained all over the prairies. Alas, some things on Slashdot have changed.

What is all this Javascript? Looks good! Things appear to be much more interesting! Hey I've got achievements!!! LOL

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Journal Journal: Blizzcon

I'm not sure I'll have time for Diablo 3. I will definitely buy it (for use on patch tuesdays).

I wish I could be at Blizzcon. I'm currently in the WotLK beta and sadly haven't had much time to play it because I'm levelling up my rogue now that mutie rogues are OP and I like the idea of being OP (as my main is a pve/pvp lock lol ie: t6 or 550 resil atm, take your pick lol).

I played the beta for a very short period, and when I did, I realized two major things:

1) I don't have enough gold for the expansion on my live account, because I'll need loads of gold in order to buy all the stuff I'll need on both my toons.

2) Inscriptions sell for a boatload of money, with very high gross margin so that said -- you will need to have one toon that can do them or you're at the mercy of the free market (ouch, bad idea).

I've flown all over the beta, and each area looks very straight forward enough.

The focus then shifts towards getting my characters ready for what is to come.

I don't know how long this kind of insane pricing will last on the live realms for inscriptions, but I decided to get my alt ready to be my inscriptions toon, so I dropped enchanting and picked up herbalism which is now 375. I have an empty profession ready to go for when inscriptions become live.

Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: WotLK Beta

Hai. Finally got in the WotLK beta. Learning the quests to 80 and roughly how to play a lvl 80 warlock will maximize my time. DK is going to be lvl'd after I hit 80.

So far it's pretty amazing. It's really wierd seeing my character getting xp points. Man it's been so long since lvling to 70... I forget how much fun it was. The advance of stable questing mods since BC has also made things much easier.

Northrend looks great, but I sadly have not had much time to play. Some of the mods work and there is a list of them that doesn't take long to find through Google. I have a bar mod, xperl and some other less important ones.

Well off to Toronto for a weekend of partying and D&D!


Journal Journal: Anti-Keylogger Reviews? 3

I am an avid World of Warcraft player, and I've been looking for some time at getting good Anti-Keylogging software. Right now I have what I consider to be a good setup to protect against security, but I'd like to tighten the noose a little. Does anyone have some good suggestions as to a software package that not only keeps people from hijacking my account, but also doesn't hurt my system performance while raiding the new content?


Journal Journal: In the Line of Fire: How to Handle Tough Questions...

I'm currently reading In the Line of Fire: How to Handle Tough Questions...When It Counts as one of the first main books in my new O'Reilly Safari library account.

What an amazing book! Such insight! Such intrigue! I am going to make a zillion dollars with this secret knowledge of how to handle accusations from unruly people. I am certain that God himself would have wanted a copy of this to field all of Satan's accusations. Satan would have wanted a copy of it as well.


Journal Journal: Spammer Got Me! What Will they Think of Next? 6

Today I received a seemingly innocuous email from a complete stranger, regarding PHP. That did not strike me as odd at all because I am somewhat of an expert on the subject.

The message was a typical plea for help and it started off claiming to have seen me posting on the newsgroups and forums, which was possible but unlikely, as I haven't posted on the PHP newsgroup in months, so I was immediately suspicious of the email.

The sender claimed they had a couple questions and then asked me to answer them for them and that they would like to hire me to do more consulting if they liked my response.

I responded as I always do to such requests, with a link to and I asked the sender to let me know what their username was so that we could begin a business relationship together. I figure that if I am going to be spending any time helping a stranger, I might as well get paid for it, or I will be the one choosing who and when to help!

The person or bot on the other end of the discussion responded with a strange comment that seemed unrelated. I quickly fired back that they need to do what was asked before I answered any of their questions and that I would not discuss business over email because it has proven to be less than fruitful (and it really has).

The person quickly fired back an angry response so I told them to piss off and that I knew their trick was to get free writing samples from me.

Amateurs!!! :-) I get paid if I have to write anything (except this journal)!!!

So beware of this trick and don't fall for it. If you don't know them, give them a challenge question.

Journal Journal: Discussion2 Beta Thoughts 1

Can I just say... it's about time! Oh it's sooooo nice!!!

AJAX and CSS perform wonderfully. There are still lots of little bugs but I think when they are ironed out it will be a pretty amazing experience. I'm quite pleased that Slashdot is evolving and you can really get a sense of how it will be so much better in the future.

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Journal Journal: d i v ... o r c .... e 8

Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it's for the best. Not really sure but it's happening now. *sigh*

(any cute nerdy chicks in my fanlist? send pix hehe j/k)

Journal Journal: Standardized Dupe Notice

New dupe notice:

I am afraid to comment on this duped Slashdot story due to Hindsight Bias.[1][2][3] (where each number is linked to the dupes available)

Journal Journal: Getting to the Front Page 7

The new article stubs on the front page really work for me, but I'd like to see each new story remain a stub until enough 5-Insightful/Interesting/Informative comments become visible. In other words; everything starts sectional and earns the right to be on the front page based on quality -- not quantity (as others have suggested).

We should also have a new mod category: "Flag".

The Flag mod will indicate that an admin should read the comment because it's important. Typos, spelling, dupe notices etc can all fall under this category, and editors could re-thread the site to see these types of comments first. Reward moderators who correctly flag comments as a system notice with extra mod points. Keep the Flag comments collapsed for regular users, so the meat and potatoes comments all frequent higher.

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