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Comment Re:Guess what? You're not our mission, slashdot (Score 2, Interesting) 264

Bigoted and ill-spirited posts such as this one are no credit to the other OLPC support volunteers. Please don't assume you speak for anyone but yourself. Those donating to OLPC contribute greatly to its mission, with their enthusiasm and their sharing of the projects ideals as much as with their donations; aside from which they deserve the same respect and consideration you would give to anyone.

I don't know your reasons for posting anonymously, but it seems to me this is rarely appropriate and never obvious. You should be proud to take responsibility for your statements, however controversial. Posting openly, as a long-time OLPC supporter and current staff member, I see the honest and considered feedback from the Slashdot community as important to the refinement and amplification of the project's mission.

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