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Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 267

I used to find iTunes OK, back when DAAP worked and I could just access music from my music server. Then Apple broke that, redesigned the interface several times, and crammed in yet more junk I'll never use like iPhone app management.

I got so sick of iTunes and of having three different mutually incompatible proprietary cables for our iPods that I got rid of all the iPods and replaced them with MP3 players that just mount as regular disk drives.

Now I use Vox for music playback on the Mac. Bonus: It handles FLAC, unlike sucky iTunes.

Comment Re:What happened to Pascal, anyway? (Score 2) 134

The two major Pascal implementations (Free Pascal and Delphi) are fairly compatible with each other so it's not as fragmented as you think.

It's isn't fragmented now, because it's dead other than those two non-standard compilers, all the other implementations having vanished along with their communities...

Comment Re:What happened to Pascal, anyway? (Score 1) 134

The Pascal community fragmented. The 8-bit systems carried on using ISO Pascal or UCSD Pascal, but Wirth and other key Pascal experts went off and created Modula-2, which was much more practical for real world programming. (I used Modula-2 on the Atari ST, it was a much nicer experience than trying to program GEM in C.)

But instead of Pascal or Modula-2, Borland went off and did their own thing, producing a proprietary "Pascal" that wasn't compatible with anyone else.

Then the Modula-2 community split into the Oberon (Wirth) and Modula-3 (everyone else) communities to add OO, and Borland again did their own thing and ignored everyone else.

Now we have Go, which takes C and adds in ideas from Modula and Oberon. And Free Pascal still isn't even compatible with 1982's standard ISO Pascal.

Comment Re:More of an issue about how bad Objective-C is (Score 3, Funny) 161

Let me know when I can actually download and build a Swift compiler on something other than OS X, and I'll take a look at the language. Until then I'm not interested. And I'm a Mac user.

(On an unrelated note, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to use the Exit icon to indicate logging in to Slashdot?)

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