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Comment Re:Examples? (Score 1) 250

The older I get, the more I realize that everyone has an agenda.

Exactly. Everything is propaganda. Bias is a part of human nature. I prefer when people clearly state their biases as it's easier to see where they're coming from. I think a large part of the problem we face is people who believe that such a thing as "unbiased journalism" exists. There are people who don't think CNN has an agenda. And that agenda is not always congruent with the best interests of the viewers.

This is turning into a real problem. When Trump won the NH primary Huffington Post's cover page said "NH GOES RACIST, SEXIST XENOPHOBIC!!!" Literally that. All caps. I wondered what would happen if Trump wins the whole thing. Will people who believe Huffington Post wake up and realize "Oh, people in New Hampshire voted for Trump because they're tired of $10 heroin on their streets, not because they hate blacks and Mexicans and women, and Huffington Post has been lying to them." Or will they freak the ever loving fuck out because they believe there are secret nazis EVERYWHERE! From my FaceBook feed, the answer is the latter.

People need to read the narrative, read the counter-narrative, check the sources, and see who's lying about what in which cases. But instead here we've got the mainstream media trying to propagandize the people that anything that doesn't come from them is "fake news." Stay in that bubble kids! Never look for an alternative point of view! Do what we tell you vote how we tell you!

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 250

About 60 million people voted for Trump. Do you think there are 60 million white nationalists in the US?

You should read this if you still think there's EBIL RAYCISTS EVERYWHERE!!!!

This is among the reasons you lost, and if you don't fix it you're going to keep losing. To win, you must know your enemy and know yourself. You do not know your enemy.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 2) 250

Eh. "The establishment" is the corporate/government/media complex. The corporations pick the policies, their bought politicians enact them, and then their media networks propagandize the populace as to why things that are clearly not in their best interest, like the mass importation of semi-retarded 3rd worlders for cheap labor for the corps, is actually right and moral and good and anyone who disagrees is stupid and evil. Anyone who's opposed to that system can still call themselves "anti-establishment."

Comment Re:Examples? (Score 3, Interesting) 250

The only fake news site (besides CNN el oh el) I saw this election paraded around was the same one NPR talked about after the election. I think it was abcnews.com.co, and it's actually made by a lefty to "prove" how right-wingers will fall for stupid shit. Now, I am a right-winger, and when you sign up for the right your welcoming kit includes a firmly affixed tinfoil hat. So every time I saw something from that site posted to a right-wing forum or comments section, immediately people would respond "that's fake, don't spread that around." So lefty makes fake news, posts it to right-wing sites himself, right-wingers reject it, and then he goes to NPR and says "lol right wingers are dumb because I posted my fake news on their forums." It's the "hurr durr I was just pretending to be retarded" meme.

You would think if this evil russian propaganda were so widespread one could post a screenshot of one of the fake stories and give us some context. "Oh, Putin wants people to think X, so here's his fake site where he posted this story, and here it is being propagated around the net..." Nope. I wonder why they can't show us anything like that? Really gets the old noggin' joggin', huh?

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