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Comment Re:immigrants (Score 1) 180

"America, after all, was and is a country of immigrants,”

I really hate this "argument." America was not founded as a nation of immigrants. It was a nation of settlers and conquerors. All of this shit was not just here when they arrived. They built it, for their future generations, not as a gift to the random descendents of everyone else.

And just because immigration was allowed at some points does not mean immigration is always good for all times. Right now, with so many people not participating in the labor force, and so many of the immigrants we bring in going on welfare, it seems like immigration is not in the interest of the people currently here. The "America is a nation of immigrants" line is just an emotional argument, and I'm pretty sure most of these CEOs' interests in the topic relate to cheap labor, not a genuine concern for the poor and huddled masses.

It basically amounts to "poor and middle class voters, screw yourselves over so I can get cheap labor because otherwise you're a bad person in my opinion."

Comment Re:wonder why (Score 1) 688

"Greater good?" What are you talking about? That's not how business or politics works. You build a company to get rich, but in the process you create products or provide services that people like, and you employ people. This is one of the fundamental ideas of free market capitalism. Your boss doesn't give you a job, and Intel doesn't make your microprocessors because they like you, and are serving "the greater good." They do these things that are good for you because it enriches them too.

Every politician comes out of office richer than they went in. If you honestly think they're running "for the greater good" you're a fool. The best you can hope for is to marry their ambition to serving "the greater good."

You don't have to believe Trump is a nice man. You just have to believe Trump wants "President Trump" to be remembered as one of the greatest presidents of all time. That won't happen if he gets in and screws everybody over. Trump's ego, name, and brand will be tied to the success of the country. Given how obviously desperately he values those things, I don't really see a problem. Everything he's done in his life has been about building this name brand, and you think now at age 69 he's going to get into office and then...tank it for all eternity? For a couple of bucks? That makes no sense.

Do you think Hillary works for "the greater good?"

Comment Re:wonder why (Score 1) 688

He's told INS/ICE to concentrate on criminals.

And to ignore everybody else. Obama straight-up doesn't care about enforcing the borders. The donors want cheap labor and the Democrats want voters.

I doubt that banning all Muslims would pass muster with the Supreme Court.

There's no reason to believe this is the case, and many legal scholars have already said it's fine. We've done similar things in the past. The free exercise clause applies to people within the jurisdiction of the US. When we deny a visa because someone is a muslim that person is still in Yemen or wherever. He could also just deny visas to anyone coming from certain problem nations, which would have a similar effect.

He can renegotiate trade deals but they still have to pass Congress.

It depends. A lot of trade deals have conditionals in them that allow the executive to modify them. For instance, just declaring China a currency manipulator would go a long way.

As CiC he still has to work within the budget and authorizations that Congress gives him. Obama has tried to get a new authorization for use of force against ISIS but Congress refused.

We're still bombing them, though. We can stop doing stuff like dropping leaflets warning them of our attacks like Obama's been doing. We can start coordinating with Russia, instead of threatening them.

My point stands, of all the candidates, Trump is the candidate whose proposals require the least amount of Congressional involvement. And even most other things aren't that big a deal. If the puts forth a plan to tax remittances to Mexico to pay for a wall...that's just not that big of a deal. A $10 billion public works project funded by taxes on foreign workers is nothing compared to something like Obamacare.

Comment Re:wonder why (Score 1) 688

He testified before Congress, was interviewed on TV shows, and wrote books as far back as the late 80s about his love for the country and ideas on how best to keep a strong middle class. I really have no doubt Trump loves America.

I think his motivations are pretty clear. Trump has a pathological obsession with building good things people like and slapping his name on them. Not everything works out, no, but for the most part, his buildings are nice, his TV show was highly rated, his golf courses are world class. Trump Steaks looked pretty good.

Trump has money, fame, power. What Trump wants is immortality. He wants to go down in history as the man who Made America Great Again. He wants his face on Mt. Rushmore. He only gets that if he succeeds, and everybody agrees he did a great job. I'd like to see him try. The alternative is Hillary, a bought-and-paid for crook who I absolutely know will sell me down the river to make a buck for her Wall Street backers.

Comment Re:Not an apologist, don't pretend I'm strawman (Score 1) 230

The peaceful majority doesn't matter. The peaceful majority has never mattered.

99% of Nazis were peaceful. They never gassed a Jew. They just supported an ideology that allowed their leaders to gas Jews once they gained control of the political system.

99% of Muslims are peaceful. They never slaughtered an infidel. They just support an ideology that allows their leaders to slaughter infidels as they gain control of the political system.

Islam is the religion of peace. Society is very peaceful when anyone who steps out of line is met with swift and severe violence.

Comment Re:wonder why (Score 1) 688

So because one businessman at your local level was bad, Trump is bad?

Hmmm, excellent point. I will therefore vote for one of the career politician alternatives. After all, no career politician has ever sought office under the pretense of helping the electorate and then enriched themselves on the sly once elected.

Comment Re:wonder why (Score 1) 688

It still makes no sense. If what you're saying he wants is money by rigging rules in his favor (WHICH RULES BY THE WAY?) he's going about it in a miserably stupid and ineffective way. You're trying to say he's an evil genius who has all these angles covered and will somehow be able to accomplish this despite the scrutiny all of his actions will receive, but then is monstrously stupid in the effort expended for the minimal reward. Why can't he just not run, and buy off the people who do, like every other rich guy since forever? 100% effective, 0% risk, fraction of the cost, no negative press. You act like he's some kind of kids' cartoon villain who's smart enough to build a matter transporter...that he uses to steal everybody's socks as part of an incredibly stupid plan to take over the world. You can't have it both ways. A Trump smart enough to execute the plan you propose is smart enough to realize that's an incredibly stupid and overcomplicated plan.

Comment Re:IT Workers - We Have a Special Interest (Score 1) 688

This is what got me on the Trump Train back in July. I read his immigration proposal and read what he said about H1-Bs and said "somebody finally gets it! Got my vote!" After that it just became insanely fun watching him dismantle the Republican party, and watching lefties/SJWs' heads explode. Most entertaining election cycle of my life, and the first time a candidate might do something that actually helps me!

Also, Jeb is a mess.

Comment Re:wonder why (Score 3, Insightful) 688

A lot of the things he wants to do, however, are things the president has the power to do. Deport illegals? Right now Obama is telling INS/ICE to not do their jobs. He can do that just by lighting a fire under their asses. Banning muslims? The law is already written that allows the president to ban any group of people he deems necessary from coming here. Renegotiating trade deals? That's a power of the executive branch of government. Joining with Putin to destroy ISIS? He'll be commander-in-chief.

Your point is much more valid for someone like Bernie, whose entire platform is a legislative agenda. All the stuff Bernie wants to do requires Congress to make deep, structural changes to our government and economic system. Half the stuff Trump wants to do can be done on day 1 in office.

Comment Re:wonder why (Score 1) 688

That doesn't make any sense. If he wants trade policy adjusted for his benefit (which policies, exactly, do you think those are, btw?) just do what every other politician does: throw a few million to each side and then call in your favors later. Why on earth go through the massive, expensive, risky nightmare of running a presidential campaign? I mean, nobody was calling him LITERALLY HITLER before he started running. Now he has people trying to kill him.

Sorry, it just doesn't sound like a plausible narrative. If what you're saying is his motivation he could get that done, 100%, for a fraction of the price with no risk to his companies, brand, or life. His motivation is not "rigging the rules in his favor" as president. If anything his hands will be tied as president, and he'll have less ability to manipulate the rules than if he stayed outside and paid off the president and congress.

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