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Comment Here's how it plays::: (Score 2) 77

I think Kurzweil is about right for 2029 assuming nothing big happens. If we just go rolling along with the research for the next 12 years, then MMIs will be amazingly advanced. My guess however is that we have at least a major depression and very possibly a world war to get through. I say somewhere around 2050...

Comment Re:Using Satellites to Do What Satellites Already (Score 3, Interesting) 159

Maybe they know something we don't. This setup will allow for an alternate comm path should the current satellites and cables become unavailable. Hams and the government would still be able to communicate. Assuming an EMP event, then most of the hams would be out of business and only the govt would still be able to communicate with the equipment that we paid for them to harden... Just sayin'

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