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Submission + - The sky is not falling on the music industry (theglobeandmail.com)

khendron writes: A recent article in the Globe and Mail states that 'for more than a decade, the music industry in Canada, and globally, has been cast as being in dire straits --a portent of things to come for all media in the digital age--unless copyright laws are updated to combat illegal downloading.' But, as the article goes on to show, the music industry as a whole is doing rather well.

Submission + - IT recruitment is a lottery (windowsitpro.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The whole IT recruitment system seems a bit broken. Job descriptions suck because that consist vaguely related buzzwords jammed into bullet lists rather than an accurate representation of what the job entails. Resumes suck because candidates must try to catch a recruiter's eye by hitting all the bullet points in poorly worded job descriptions rather than describing the things they can actually do. Recruiters suck because they don't know how to sort qualified candidates from people who write buzzword compliant resumes. How do you find the right job, or the right employee, when you're stuck with a system that doesn't really work?

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