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Submission + - Another VeriSign scam

meburke writes: "I've used Network Solutions as my registrar for many years. In fact, when I first registered my name they were the only choice.

Now I am TOTALLY pissed off at them: They tried to "autorenew" my registration and tried to charge my bank account without my permission! I did not sign up for autorenewal, nor did I give anyone permission to charge my account. Then they sent me an email telling me my "order" was incomplete! (Luckily, they used the wrong credit card number.)

So I'm pissed. I reported them to the Texas Attorney General's Office. I was going to send an email with a strongly worded message, but there is no meaningful recipient listed in their contacts list. Calling "Customer Service" connected me to some call center slave in some sweatshop in India, who aplogized about 20 times and then tried to pressure me into renewing over the phone.

I am asking the /. community for suggestions for actions I can take that will move a million registrations from VeriSign to some other registrar by January 1, 2013. Some suggestions I've recieved so far include a facebook campaign, anti-NS websight and legal action to prevent them from registering domains until they clean up their act. Any other ideas out there?"

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