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Comment Re:"Western"? (Score 1) 614

Sorry - this is wrong on a number of levels - as the poster notes later, the Liberal Democrats (NB not the Liberals, an extremely small rump party) didn't get more votes that the Conservatives, sadly. We (I was a parliamentary candidate for the Lib Dems, coming in second) did get rather fewer seats than our vote share reflected, as a result of FPTP - we need to change the electoral system. clearly. However, I don't think it's fair to say that there is significant Gerrymandering in the UK - the Boundary Commission works quite fairly here (again, I've been a witness at one of their hearings). It does take fewer votes to elect a Labour MP than a Tory MP, but this is essentially because of lower turn-outs in labour strongholds than Conservative ones. Unless constituency sizes are changed based on turnouts rather than population or number of registered voters, this will always be a problem with any constituency-based system. Julian

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