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Submission + - Kama Sutra malware leads to backdoor infection ( 1

alphadogg writes: Sophos senior IT consultant Graham Cluley is warning of a piece of malware that lures users to click on an executable by presenting them with a PowerPoint presentation on the Kama Sutra sexual positions.

"The PowerPoint slide deck (which ironically is itself "clean" from the malware point of view) is then dropped onto your Windows PC as a decoy while malware silently installs onto your computer as AdobeUpdater.exe, alongside some other components (called jqa.exe and acrobat.exe).

Because of this, when you click on the file you do get to see a real PowerPoint presentation, but in the background a backdoor Trojan (no sniggering at the back please..) called Troj/Bckdr-RFM is installed which allows hackers to gain remote access to your computer."

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