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Journal Journal: The best comments on Slashdot...

...are the intentionally crap ones. The general discussion area is a sea of idiots thinking they're saying something smart, dotted with little island paradises of comments actually meant to sound as dumb as all the rest of them:

LUDDITES killed Appfox OS! (Score:0)

by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday September 27, 2016 @09:43AM (#52970235)

The LUDDITES at LUDDITE Mozilla killed the appy Appfox OS, which can app apps in AppScript while apping other apps! Only LUDDITES would use a LUDDITE operating system written in LUDDITE C++ instead of appy AppScript!


I really like whoever posts these "Apps!" comments. Saw a non-troll commenter last night who'd written about MS wanting non-enterprise users to go all "appy", and "cloudy", and, well, I guess "telemetry-y". The nigger posts are just lame, going for shock value when it's way past time there'd be any of that left, but these appy ones are cool. Read Slashdot at the -1 threshold or you miss the comic relief.


> It wasn't already an open source project?

It will be made more open and more sourcey.

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Journal Journal: one hundred to zero 6

That was the score of the debate tonight. It was Jill Stein and some fellow Leftie acting as "moderator", vs. Trump. Ya I know, it was actually Hillary, but she literally said nothing that I could agree with, so what's the difference? Back when the Dem party used to have some moderate Left people, I would occasionally hear things that I could, begrudgingly, agree with. I haven't had to deal with that since BHO's first election, when he was (lying thru his teeth) portraying himself as a moderate. I expect to never have to deal with it again since then; I imagine Dem prez candidates from BHO's second campaign on out will all be pretty open about their true, in a nutshell "moar socialism", stance.

p.s. His temperament is specifically one of the main reasons I'm voting for Trump. It's not a negative, it's an asset.

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Journal Journal: What the? Where am I? 4

I don't know if someone accidentally nuked the mod-ban list or what, but I checked the front page today and I see I have moderator points.

A whole five of them, but moderator points no less.

I can say that based on my own comments indeed I have been commenting somewhat less often on here, so that may have made a difference. I guess if the front page here was more tech and less conservative FUD I would be likely to comment more often again...
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Journal Journal: Another TV season, another Transparent freak show. 14

What is portrayed on that show is not how it is for many of us in real life. Putting a man in a dress and having him portray a transsexual is not really going to capture it, except for the unpassable. But of course, that's what makes good TV. The truth is boring.

Of course, it IS more accurate in portraying the intersection between transsexuals and the LGB community - but only for those who believe that the LGBT community is also their community. If you're not a gay/lesbian/bi transsexual, it's an alien portrayal except for a few freaks.

But don't you dare say so - it goes against the "agenda."

One of my neighbors called me over to watch it, and she knew I was trans. At one point, "Maura" is walking into a restaurant for a date. I couldn't help but say "What the heck? The walk, the posture, that just screams man in a dress." She said that she was thinking the same thing. Come on, put at least a minimal effort into it. What I see there is parody. The hollywood/gay community's view of transsexuals is so full of shit compared to most straight transsexual's lives outside the "community." Assholes.

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Journal Journal: the glass is half-empty, evidently 4

Just saw this comment: "Tax cuts benefit those who pay more taxes - the rich."

What a warped (AKA Leftist) way of looking at things. Reducing the tax burden on someone is not an increased benefit, it's a reduced punishment.

If I'm one of the people chained up in a dungeon, being tortured every day, and this one chap is especially hated by the king and tortured more than the rest of us, if it's announced that due to the kingdom's gold running low, torture time will be reduced 25% across the board, I'm supposed to think of that as a *bad* thing, because it means one guy will see a greater drop in time on the rack (even tho he'll prolly *still* spend more total time there than I)?!?

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Journal Journal: make lil warriors outta them all

ArsLeftica has a FA on a study (filed under "science") where they conned teens into eating more veggies by doing an Adam Ruins Everything* type social justice ploy on them. Basically, don't eat stuff that tastes good, "because corporations!". Eat stuff that tastes like shit instead.

The promoted comment under TFA: "So they were manipulated by exploiting how they dislike being manipulated? Well played."

The commenter seems to have somewhere gotten the impression that Lefties are opposed to manipulation. Way to miss the operative distinction. Obviously it's not manipulation y'all have a problem with; it's only in who's doing it.

IOW, the Left is anti-evil (as you guys define "evil"), but pro-evil in promoting good over evil. Evil is fine as long as it promotes good. (So sayeth the Devil.)

*I presume; never watched it, but that's what I gather it is, from the ads, and given that anything new is going to have a strong Leftist bent nowadays.

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Journal Journal: nutrition news you can't use

So my dog had bashed my knee earlier this year, so I'd suspended our long walks hiking the hilly streets in my area. So I got fatter.

I hadn't been concerned with weight before, so when the battery died in my bathroom scale, I never got around to buying a 9-volt battery to replace it.

Well I finally did, 4 weeks ago. Stepped on the scale, and oh shit, 189.

I looked at a calendar, and there just so happened to be 19 weeks left in the year. So that was my goal.

After some poking around the intertubes, I read that cutting about 3500 calories a week is supposed to get you to lose about a pound a week.

I also found some stuff about something called "BMR" (different from "BMI"). You plug stuff in to a BMR clackulator, and it spits out an estimate of how many calories you'd need to eat to maintain your current body weight (at your current level of exertion lifestyle).

So I figured I was eating about 2200 cals a day, and since I might slow down as I lose, I thought I ought to shoot for 1.5 lbs a week, so I'm eating a 750 calorie deficit, or trying to come as close to 1450 cals a day.

So I'm counting calories, and my sis pointed me to a myfitnesspal web site, which is pretty primitive, looking like it was build circa the 1990's, but people have entered the nutrition info for tons of foods, so that's mainly why I'm using it.

So mum is making her delicious chicken and rice casserole tonight, and invited me over for dinner. I looked up the 411 on the other ingredients, but the package of chicken thighs is craptastically unhelpful.

It said something like:
Serving size: 4oz
Calories per serving: 205 (or whatever)

Then the punchline:
Servings per container: Varied.

WTF?!? Obviously someone reading the label wants to know how many calories in one of their fucking chicken thighs! How about on average?!?

And (if I had nothing better to do) I could cut the meat off and weigh it before consuming it, but is that calorie count with or without the skin!?

Useless. How is that complying with a law to print nutrition info, by saying "varies". A 12oz fucking can of Coke says it has 140 cals. What if they were huge assholes and said something like "17 cals per 49 ml. (Good luck trying to do the math.) Servings per container: Whatever. (Ha ha, sucker.)"?

So unfortunately there's quite a bit of "letter of the law" compliance out there, making it hard.

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Journal Journal: no duh 11

From the front page: "Uber Accused of Cashing In On Bomb Explosion By Jacking Rates"

"Accused"?! Since when is "cashing in" and "jacking rates" a bad thing? I'd certainly do all those things as a worker, if I could.

It's like some gay ass shit going around about some drug company charging a lot for some drug of theirs. I don't completely follow what you Lefties are railing about in any given week, so I only have a vague notion (and that's all I care to, since it's shit that's only important to you guys). But a drug company can charge whatever it wants; no one is owed anything.

I'm seeing similar shit as this in ads for one of the propositions in Cali on the next ballot. Some guy comes on TV and says something like drug companies lowered rates in some circumstance, and they didn't do it out of the goodness of their hearts. No duh, sherlock. Companies don't have hearts, dumbass. They're not in the fucking compassion business. And bears shit in the woods, right Captain Obvious?

p.s. WhyTF is Hillary blitzing California with ads!?? It's a total blue state. Jeebus, is she actually worried about losing here? She either must know something I don't know, or has more campaign money than she knows what to do with. If I were donor, tho, I'd be pissed, and want some of my wasted money back.

[Edit:] p.s. Also from the front page, new versions of vi and emacs have been released. Also, Vanilla Ice released a new album. On 8-track.</Stuff that hasn't matter since about an eternity ago. News for yawns.>

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Journal Journal: monopoly 8

Just saw the following comment, that I take umbrage with:

Every industry ends in monopoly is an axiom to leftists. Because Marx said it.

Now waitaminute. I'm almost as far from being a Leftist as one can be, but everyone knows capitalism naturally includes forces towards consolidation, for efficiency gains.

That's why the laissez-faire kind, or pure free market capitalism -- i.e. the extreme version of it -- is bad. Because this force, if left unchecked, will overwhelm another positive force, competition, and subsequently the good force of striving for efficiencies can end up at a bad thing.

It's a bad thing because, as a Right-winger, I'm not of the belief that we are here to serve the system. I don't believe the collective comes first over the individual, whether that be in terms of governing or economics. There is no Greater Good, except God's will.

Our political and economic systems are here to serve us. Government has no rights, and neither does capitalism; only people do. Freedom is wonderful, but there has to be a minimal amount of restrictions, or it's no longer freedom. Just look at drug addiction, for example.

You should be able to do what you want, as long as it doesn't sneakily take that away. That's why we have contract laws, and fraud is illegal; what's the point of people doing business with each other when it's not business.

Unfortunately the establishments of both the Right and Left wings have allowed, what I'll call, senseless, mergers. But that's ultimately our fault. We should've never allowed the two things we've gotten: Big Government, and Too Big To Fail.

TL;DR: Fuck the Left, and fuck the GOP establishment.

[Edit:] p.s. Non-compete and no-poach agreements should always be illegal. Individuals first.


Journal Journal: DrudgeDot Rides Again 26

We had some solid reality-stomping conservative nuttery on the front page here just yesterday, yet it only pulled in 590 comments (as of my writing this JE). I'm surprised there wasn't more circle-jerk action going on over that. While Trump doesn't exactly have hte slashdot base whipped up in a frenzy the way that had core fascists like Ron Paul routinely would, there is no doubt that the majority of slashdot commenters will happily parade to the polls to vote for Trump.

Reading through the comments, one commenter pointed out a pretty significant reason to doubt the survey entirely:

"The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is a politically conservative non-profit association founded in 1943 to "fight socialized medicine and to fight the government takeover of medicine"

Which matches The wikipedia entry on the same group that orchestrated this "survey"

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Journal Journal: freaked out

So yesterday, for s&g's, I created a dummy account on, just to browse.

U: poorlonelyfred
P: Do3sntmatter

(Go ahead and log in and do whatever you want with that profile. I went to the "Remove Profile" function, and it said if I do I won't be able to log in, but they lie, of course.)

Anyways, earlier today I get a fucking email from them! To "complete my profile". I *never* gave them my TWC Roadrunner email addy. In fact, logging in with that email doesn't work, only the bogus one listed above works.

Yet when I clicked[1] the link in the email to manage my account, it went right into that profile. Even if some shit has been tracking[2] me across the web, how is my email address tied to my IP?!?!?!?

[1] Maybe I just verified to somebody that they tracked me down/mapped me correctly.

[2] IE 11's Tracking Protection feature turns out to be looking worthless. I'm not downloading someone else's list, but using the feature where it keeps a count of how many times the same resource, such as a web bug, is being used on different sites. Then it gives you a UI for those that show up across a minimum of 3 sites, that you can choose to Allow or Block. Only problem is, after a two or three weeks the list stopped being added to. (And it's showing things that have only appeared on 1 site.) Not really worth anything at all if it's limited to, whatever, only 200 items or so. (And strangely, I can't find anything about this Googling for it. Like I'm the only one on the face of the planet that's using it in that way. FML.)

p.s. fusta: If you want to respond, this is not about politics, so I'll read it; no reason to go AC.

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Journal Journal: new era of diplomacy

So the Left lauded BHO for setting a new, less confrontational tone with countries and their leaders we had historically seen as our enemies.

And now they're critical of DJT for being same way with Putin.

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Journal Journal: the American male is fucked 1

From TFA (paywalled unless coming from Google; take the first link, to the WSJ):

Labor Day is an appropriate moment to reflect on a quiet catastrophe: the collapse, over two generations, of work for American men. During the past half-century, work rates for U.S. males spiraled relentlessly downward. America is now home to a vast army of jobless men who are no longer even looking for workâ"roughly seven million of them age 25 to 54, the traditional prime of working life.

Not sure tho what this "prime" distinction is. The conventional retirement age being 65, why isn't it 18 to 64? It's not like there being men 55-64 who need to work but can't find it is somehow okay. Because "prime".

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Journal Journal: a perfect mcgrewism 6

I just saw a comment that would totally be what mcgrew would say (being the guy who told me that people (ab)using heroin (and destroying their lives) is because... Big Bad Pharma!). It's referring to recent studies that the health benefits of alcohol consumption were overrated and that it actually causes cancer, so, net, it is not recommended afterall.

Among the pooh-pooh'ing comments was the one that said wine is not made from organic grapes and has fertilizers and pesticides and all matter of icky chemicals. So it's not the alcohol that causes cancer, we're to infer, but the evils of having a developed country created by individuals who are focused on being commercially successful.

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Journal Journal: are Latinos as dumb as Whites 2

As the currently only comment under a FA on the Italian government trying to schedule a national procreation day (for "the common good"), someone with the handle "arrowgirl" wrote this awesomeness:

Denmark had a similar campaign, to increase their birth rate.

I notice neither Italy nor Denmark are taking Syrian refugees to solve the problem...hmmm. So why do HIllary & Obama, insist we get stuck with them? We don't have that problem. Latinos mass produce, and blacks too. Of course, whether the Latin's will support the blacks, 25 years from now, who can say.

I don't think they will. First there's the issue of will they even have the money to do that.

But more notably, Latinos won't be suffering from the "White guilt" that White Lefties have today and try to make all White people feel. Latinos are subdivided out by Lefties in their sick groupings of people from those whose ancestors held slaves in this country and are therefore somehow inter-generationally culpable.

Latinos are told they're exploited minorities and targets of oppression just like Blacks, so that the Left can capture them as vote slaves too. So I think when the day comes there's a Latino majority in America, they'll tell the Blacks hey, we didn't do this to you, and we're victims too, so fuck you, get a job, we've been fucking gardeners and car washers and day laborers, so boo hoo for you, get off your ass, the inter-generational welfare is over.

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