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Journal Journal: racist -> cocksucker

I totally want to vote for this guy:

Mr. Gattine, this is Gov. Paul Richard LePage. I would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a racist, you cocksucker. I want to talk to you. I want you to prove that I'm a racist. I've spent my life helping black people and you little sonofabitch, socialist cocksucker. You -- I need you to -- just friggin'. I want you to record this and make it public because I am after you. Thank you.

I would *love* if every time some Leftie called someone a racist (must be tens or hundreds of times each day, in this country at least), if the standard response became calling that person a cocksucker.

(Altho such a response could possibly be guilty of undeservingly elevating the intelligence of the overall exchange.)

He spoke about it afterwards:

When a snot-nosed little guy from Westbrook calls me a racist, now I'd like him to come up here because, tell you right now, I wish it were 1825. And we would have a duel, that's how angry I am, and I would not put my gun in the air, I guarantee you, I would not be Hamilton. I would point it right between his eyes, because he is a snot-nosed little runt and he has not done a damn thing since he's been in this Legislature to help move the state forward.

It would be *awesome* if duels between politicians made a comeback! Both sides could stand to lose quite a few.

The state DNC chair's statement (and TFA is from a Leftie source, which always seem to have a quote from a fellow Leftie at the end, to close and summarize how the author would):

Gov. LePage's direct threat against Rep. Gattine is both erratic and disturbing, and he is clearly unfit to lead our state. Not only did the governor blatantly say he would take violent action against a sitting lawmaker, he also twice invoked a homophobic slur to drive home his point. Those reckless remarks may incite others to violence. ... Paul LePage is an increasingly menacing figure who does not reflect the values of our state.

So much good stuff here! In reverse order:

1) "increasingly menacing" - How can you be sure he hasn't always been this "menacing"?

2) "twice invoked a homophobic slur" - Now "cocksucker" is even funnier.

3) "unfit" - My new litmus test for who to vote for; anyone "unfitting" to the Left.

1.5) "incite" - I'm pro-inciting. Cuz no matter how much I egg you on, what you do is solely your responsibility. No matter what the Left wants me to believe about this. There, now wouldn't you like to go rob a nice bank?

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Journal Journal: me and the KKK 2

For whatever positions I and the KKK overlap on, I'm happy that they are right on those. Regardless of their other positions.

Or I guess the Left wants me to believe that having certain positions (of course according to y'all side's litmus tests) means all their positions are suspect.

Jeez, if I believed everything the Left wanted me to... (I guess I'd be LIVeral)

If I just let the Left lead me around by the nose, I wouldn't even think to think about non-White hate groups, like BLM, La Raza, or the NBPP.

Since Hillary has met with BLM several times (and I don't think Trump has agreed to sit with the KKK and talk), since that's far beyond merely having a hate group partially agreeing with you, then this must easily disqualify her for the presidency.

p.s. Cue someone posting (and hopefully someone other than the guy I don't read anymore) that BLM etc. aren't racial hate groups.

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Journal Journal: the tech press is so cute

OMGzorz! 3 0-days are addressed in the latest iDiot update, everyone apply them teh fast!

Nope. That's only 3 out of however many. Like how I just installed the August MS updates today. Oh noes, BD, you were vulnerable!!! My networked computing machines are *always* vulnerable.

There are probably countless ways hackers can get in to our systems, at any given point in time. The govt.'s of the U.S., China, Russia, the U.K., Israel, and Australia can probably already enter my systems any time they want.

Non-state hackers hopefully haven't gotten in, since I take extensive precautions. And I use multiple layers of security. Stuff that govt.'s can bypass easily by secretly requiring mfrs to put backdoors in things. But I don't think hacker rings can strong-arm tech companies yet.

To have my personal machines hacked, by a non-state actor, would probably require being specifically targeted. And I don't think I'm a target in particular. I'm much more likely to be a victim of hackers via them hacking other peoples' machines, and getting data about me from them.

So I won't be in any big hurry to install iOS version whatever when it's offered. Because tech companies are getting real sloppy about QA'ing these things. I'm manyfold more likely to get impacted by the vendor, by fubaring one of my systems, than a hacker.

From my late experiences with my old Vista system, to what I've been reading (this month's MS updates evidently break web cams and printing), I dread every Patch Tuesday (or Apple update for that matter). It's like facing a monthly reoccurring, scheduled hack attempt on my system, wondering if I'll get bit that month.

I gots firewalls and EMET and "Enhanced Protected Mode" in the browser, but I've got nothing to protect from the vendor except an all-or-nothing switch. (Which apparently you don't get in WIn10. (And if MS can backport telemetry to Win 8.1, they can backport none or limited time only refusal of updates.) And Apple's getting so pushy about updates on the iPhone, they might do the same soon,)

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Journal Journal: F the USSA 8

The three cable news networks (all being anti-Trump) tell me every day that people aren't going to vote for him because of his demeanor. U.S. colleges are becoming the U.S. <lisp_voice>His tone is insensitive.</lisp_voice>

Fuck the United Safe Spaces of America.

Trump's a wildly successful businessman and in a sensible America would be a no-brainer, especially compared to a thoroughly crooked opponent who just wants to do more of running the country into the ground.

Oh, but he's not coached and handled down to the lowest common denominator personality. He actually has one, compared to the Jeb Rodham McRomneys who all share the same manufactured one.

I can't remember the last time I was proud of my country/countrymen. We don't want results; we want bland, cookie-cutter, "safe", robotic people as our representatives.

Because that's what the Left and Establishment Republicans tell us we want. And we don't think about it, we just believe the message. So they get to continue to run the country into the ground.

Establishment Republicans ought to just merge with the D party and rebrand it the Demolition Party. "The Demolition Party - America's Default Choice in Voting."

"Home to All of America's Traitors." You can throw the George Wills and the Glenn Becks into there.

p.s. Apparently I'm a Leninist.

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Journal Journal: Trump Alarmism 10

The Left is doing the same thing on Trump as y'all do on the climate. Hillary's running ads in California (why?!?) showing Lefties and Establishment Republicans saying they're fearful if The Donald gets the nucular codes. OMG he's a loose cannon and might nuke us all!!!111!!!ONE

p.s. Hillary apparently has a simple explanation for why she set up a separate email server to hide her money laundering plans: It's Colin Powell's fault.

p.s. Lucky for you guys, the American people don't care. We don't care about nothing anymore. All we know is, that letter after her name as candidate, that used to stand for "Democrat", these days stand for "Default". No, not what the federal government might have to do some day, having been run by Progressives for too long, but who people automatically punch the chad for, unless they can of a really good reason to override it.

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Journal Journal: why would I care 7

AC #1: "the idea of the whole planet dying is not bad at all, everthing has to die at some point"

AC #2: "True. We all die as individuals. Is it really any more tragic if we perish as a species?"

Logged-in Leftie: "You don't care if humanity dies?"

Leftie orthodoxy only passes for sensible if you don't think. Why would I care if the human race dies out?

Or if the earth is dying? I don't have kids, so as long as the planet holds together for my lifetime, what do I care after that? It won't matter to me when I'm dead.

People who've had kids, did so out of their own choice. I wasn't involved. I don't owe them anything. If they want try to "save the earth" for their kids, fine. But it's got nothing to do with me.

It's my duty to treat people well in this life, both my brothers in Christ as well as the lost. But I've no obligation to do anything for any future generations. Their even coming into existence is up to God, not me.

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Journal Journal: recruiting doesn't scale 2

DR made a post that I think is very true (so I upmodded it), but I also think it's very true that people just spam job postings with their resumes, no matter how unqualified or how poorly they match up to it. So what are employers supposed to do?

I have one answer: Job fairs. Having to get dressed up and haul your butt down to some convention center and stand in lines, vice sitting in your underwear whisking off electrons with the stroke of a key, separates out some of the less serious folk. Of those who show up, the idiots can then be quickly dispatched with a glance at their resume.

Batch your open positions together, be serious about filling them*, send a few people to do this for a day, and make your decisions after inviting some a few days later to the office for a second interview, to meet with the whole team. Git'r'done.

*This seems to be the hardest part of the recruiting process for companies.

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Journal Journal: "attacks" 1

Some Leftie on TV said that Trump [is bad because he] "attacks Mexicans, Muslims, women, and the handicapped."

To show my solidarity with my candidate:
1) George Lopez is ugly.
2) Kareem's a freak.
3) Hillary's a crook.
4) Stephen Hawking is overrated.

There, now everyone can say that BD "attacks Mexicans, Muslims, women, and the handicapped."

p.s. When did being Mexican or any of these other things mean you're not allowed to be "attacked" (i.e. verbally opposed)?

p.p.s. How come Lefties stopped being opposed to censorship, and since after the 1960's try all kinds of tricks, like this one, to get those opposed to them to shut up? (A rhetorical question, of course; the fake dedication to free speech was of course only for the time while the Left was *outside* of the institutions of power in this country. Of course it was always fake support for that ideal; what Leftist regime in history has ever actually been for free speech.)

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Journal Journal: Major Irony, reporting for duty, sir! 5

Is the Left really saying, of their main opposition candidate, "can't be trusted with classified material"? Wowzers.

p.s. CNN had another townhall, for wannabe parties, yesterday. I had taped (DVR'ed) and watched the Lib one, now soon I'll watch the Green one. (Maybe it'll help explain fusta somewhat. If that's possible.)

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Journal Journal: Web privacy idea 2

Proxy Command.

Step 1: Missile Command, but as a web proxy. Every outgoing connection = 1 incoming missile, labeled with the hostname. The proxy holds onto the connection until the missile hits the city at the bottom. Shoot down the rocket to prevent the connection to tracker.facebook.com or whatever. Speed would be adjustable.

Step 2: add auto-targeting by hostname, so you don't have to click on tracker.facebook.com over and over.

Step 3: whitelist hostnames to avoid having to wait for the connection.


Step 5: browse the internet and watch the fireworks display

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Journal Journal: Here we go again. Damn! 7

The last month I've felt better than at any time since this last bout of depression started in the fall of 2014. And now it's creeping back. A month of feeling half-way decent in 2 years does not cut it. The ability to concentrate is gone again, sleep is crap, and I can't help but keep thinking that I made the wrong decision to fight it.

Oh well, I was warned that it would come back. So much for my latest plans to do something constructive or useful. The last few days, looking at my old code has seemed like such an impossible burden. I can't even work up real anger over it at this point. After all, what's the point?

Time to see what other miracle drugs and treatments my psychiatrist has to offer ... and I understand now why so many people resort to illegal highs and end up drug addicts - it looks better than the alternative.

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Journal Journal: contortions 19

So a comment of mine (as AC, since I don't want people to follow the link to my journal, and then downmod my comment for what I write there) in the bad programming practices topic got modded to +4. Slashdot's UI breaks it down as:
70% Interesting
30% Funny

Now there was no snarkiness in it, nor anything about Leftism, so there's no reason to believe there were downmod(s) included. And it wasn't insightful. It prolly just got 3 Interestings and 1 Funny. How a 75% gets rounded down but a 25% gets rounded up mystifies me. I guess those 5's are different.

Why not just list the actual moderations made, and be done with it. It's not like there's more than a dozen categories, causing this screen to be too unwieldy. Why do some hokey math.

I just can't figure what planet I'd have to be from to have actually sat down and designed it that way. I guess if you think Linux is a good choice in OS's and Perl is a good language to use, then it'd make sense to you. Slashdot is what happens when you let sysadmins make application software. Hint: Scripting is for automating as much of your boring job as possible, not for building stuff people are going to use.

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Journal Journal: Banks still not sanitizing user input. 16

(Note - also submitted as a story since this probably affects more than a few people)

Recently I tried once again to use my bank's mobile app. I had deleted it a couple of times in the past because I could never get it to work. The bank had all sorts of excuses - "Maybe your card hasn't been activated for online banking", "You need to download the latest version", "We'll need to reset your password", "We'll issue you a new card", etc. New card, password reset both did nothing.

Turns out that entering the card number as shown on the card will never work. The card format is 9999 9999 9999 9999 (spaces between each group of 4 digits). They failed Rule 00; sanitize input.

Entering the number in that format will always fail. In this case they failed to remove spaces before testing whether the card number was valid. The android code to remove the embedded spaces is pretty generic one-liner:

String cardNo = edittext.getText().toString().replace(" ", "");

Looking at the online forums, others have had the same problem for the app's entire existence.

Having figured that out, I was immediately locked out for "too many failures to answer the security question". Of course, it never presented a security question, because the bozo who wrote the program incremented some "bad answer" counter on every login attempt, even if they never got to the point of seeing a security question. It also locks you out of using web banking on the same account..

Locking someone out of their account is now easy as pie, because it also works if the user enters their name instead of their card number. (If you have 5 John Smiths, you'll lock them all out, since access is granted based on both the user name and password matching if the account number isn't entered). Just load up an android app for the bank (I won't disclose which bank until 45 days have passed since notifying them today), enter their name and a bogus password a few times, and every John Smith is locked out. And of course, if the so-called developers are failing to do such basic input sanitation, it makes me pretty sure there are other intern-level programmer bugs are awaiting exploitation elsewhere.

Adding frustration is that they cannot do a password reset over the phone unless you have already signed up for telephone banking. Now why would anyone sign up for telephone banking when an app or the web is supposed to be more convenient? The excuse I was given is that they need it to establish my identity. So why not just text me an sms or email code that I can enter when requesting a password reset?

Lets hope other banks didn't use the same app geniuses.

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