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Journal Journal: oh how eggcelent 6

This reminds me of a nascent advertising trick I'd began noticing: "Made with 100% x". (Think about it for a sec.)

Apparently the "egg patty" is a dozen ingredients -- including corn starch, soybean oil, "medium chain triglycerides", artificial butter flavor, and xanthan gum -- formed to look like a single, fried egg.

"The yolk is much fuller, it looks much more yellow," said Dunkin' Brands CEO Nigel Travis

Apparently the new and improved version will also sport over twice the calories, four times the fat, and one more gram of protein than an actual egg.

TFA goes on to say (and I may be paraphrasing here) that by doing consumer research they found out that how their shit tastes actually matters.

p.s. I get my pooch an occasional triple cheeseburger at Mickey D's (not on the menu; ask and they'll add a third patty for a buck), so I Googled their "all beef patties". It looks like they took down their ingredient list (so it may no longer be accurate) but from Google's cached version:

Double Cheeseburger:

Ingredients: 100% Pure USDA Inspected Beef; No Fillers, No Extenders.
Prepared with Grill Seasoning (Salt, Black Pepper).

Sounds better than Taco Bell's "Seasoned Beef" containing 88% beef and 12% science.

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Journal Journal: how to talk to brown people

So apparently yesterday, day 2 of the GOP's convention, was about jobs. CNN guests afterward were saying the GOP is leaving out speaking to "people of color".

I guess y'all are saying that Blacks and Hispanics aren't interested in jobs. (Or that they shouldn't be.)

So to "reach out" to minorities, I guess you have to talk about welfare instead. And it's the Right that's racist.

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Journal Journal: Leftie meme #5,632 4

If you don't like, for political reasons, what an article says, you look for any little error, and then say that that means the whole thing is suspect.

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Journal Journal: "hatrid" 7

Saw some comment of some typically intelligent and no doubt socialized education educated Leftie write "hatrid toward women". (And as typical, where none such was indicated.)

Well here's some: The bimbo[1][2] Megan Kelly on FNC, after another lady quit and filed a sexual harassment suit against the boss, came out and said she too was sexually harassed, 10 years ago.

So someone posts the following awesome comment to that story:

"So, if she continued cashing the paychecks and didn't formally press charges, does that make her a prostitute?"

I would've used "bimbo" instead, as in a woman with questionable morals.

[1] I'm not using that here to be derogative as in the sexual definition of it -- I've no idea if she fucked the fat old ugly guy or not -- but in the intelligence and wisdom one. As in "you stupid bimbo". (The equivalent for a guy might be things like "you stupid knucklehead".)

[2] There, now Lefties can say, because I attacked one woman, that "BD degrades women"!

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Journal Journal: a little is good, more is worse 29

My dad mentioned this a week or two ago; finally remembered to look it up:

"A new NAHB study shows that, on average, regulations imposed by government at all levels account for 24.3 percent of the final price of a new single-family home built for sale."

The median home price around here is $550K. Sans a nanny state, that would be $440K instead. At today's current 30-year fixed rate, that means a $2450/month payment would instead be $1950. IOW, that's $500/month just in goverment regulations (and just in the area of housing).

Now *some* regulation is good. Just like we need *some* amount of government. But does one really need their housing cost to be $500 higher for all of it. Maybe $50 or $100 of regulation would suffice.

This is also swell, from the same FA:

"In other words, the cost of regulation in the price of a new home is rising more than twice as fast as the average Americanâ(TM)s ability to pay for it."

Forcing American workers to compete with labor in countries of lower costs of living has certainly contributed to stagnating wages, but the cost of government regulation going full steam ahead in spite of this is pretty insensitive to our plight.

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Journal Journal: The USA in 50 years? 32

Anyone care to share their perspective?

I'm not giving it more than 50 years. Doesn't matter who is elected, once disparity between the top and bottom becomes to wide, once those in the middle see that no matter what they do, they're going to continue to risk being part of the bottom, and those on the bottom rungs realize that this is their lot in life, "citizen" is no longer a source of pride.

Add to that endless undeclared wars with no clear goals (the last time congress declared war was in 1942) and the racism that was a characteristic of the country even before it was founded, even after fighting a civil war over it, still being in the headlines daily, and the insistence on clinging to a 2nd Amendment that threatens the basic security and freedom from fear of citizens, and the US no longer being a world superpower that can dictate policy with impunity, challenged now by both Russia (who annexed the Crimea with no problems) and China (South China Sea, and about to replace the US as the world's largest economy), and something has to give. Ultimately, the USA is no more capable of stopping a bloc of states from seceding than it was in stopping Russia. 50 years maximum.

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Journal Journal: amazing

On the front-page topic having to do with millenials (and maybe also in light of the recent topic of free incomes) someone posted:

"Socialism is the participation trophy of life."

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Journal Journal: "fee duss" 19

Endless crying in the "lab-grown meat" discussion about the inhumanity of slaughtering animals for their delicious meat, and how synthetic critter flesh would alleviate the animal rights component of Liberal Guilt*.

I have the perfect solution: Like an unborn baby is declared not a person, but just a piece of meat, we could just do that with animals. That is, tell ourselves they're not really what they are, that they're just meat, and what do we do with meat?

Well, we're not cannibals, so we don't eat our aborted human meat, we chuck those in dumpsters like any civilized species would. But animals, being just pieces of meat that are not of human DNA, are menu ready. No more ethical dilemna!

In summary, just treat them like a fetus, and then feed us! No frankenflesh needed then.

*Cue fusta, who sadly has spent all of his adult life in a sanitarium, locked away from the real world, saying he's never heard of the term and therefore it must just be me being wacky.

p.s. I would like to go vegetarian (because unhealthy lifestyles seem sensible to me), but the thought of plants being slaughtered keeps me from it. Plants have rights! Join PETP! Herp, derp, I'm a Leftie!

p.p.s. Cue fusta saying he's never heard of Lefties being known for being for animal rights and therefore I'm just being wacky some more.


Journal Journal: Trump's Attack Lines On This Are Spot On 12

Trump's attack lines on this are spot on:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump - 7:01pm  12 Jul 2016

        Bernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs.


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump - 7:03pm  12 Jul 2016

        Bernie sanders has abandoned his supporters by endorsing pro-war pro-TPP pro-Wall Street Crooked Hillary Clinton.

Those are valid statements. I find it hard to to argue with these.

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Journal Journal: An Ask Slashdot that actually provided useful information.

I posted this questionAnd SumDog replied with something that made me rethink things ...

worked at an all open source shop (religiously so even), yet their blind (completely blind) accessibility engineer was one of two people in the 200 person company running Windows. The other was a graphics designer that needed Photoshop and Illustrator.

If a graphics designer can figure it out, maybe I just needed to not get frustrated as quickly ... then again, at the time I was running linux, and the screen reader support was abysmal.

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Journal Journal: Also? 8

Where on EARTH is the /. UI for starting a journal entry? LOL!

I don't know how it's done, if you don't just know to navigate

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Journal Journal: what happened tonight 18

The Left has the country in a chokehold, but it hasn't gotten the complete submission that y'all need (to ultimately implement "justice" and "fairness").

That's why this is a very dangerous time. Back in the era fusta is still mentally stuck in, when Righties dominated in all of the country's institutions, the Left was still in the phase of just trying to get a foothold. I.e. still fairly impotent.

Some time in our future you guys will have absolute control, and will easily quash any looming threat to Leftism. You'll be confident enough in the permanency of your power not to need to resort to games.

But in between, to further advance Leftism your tactics include dividing us up (along arbitrary lines) and pitting us against each other. Which will naturally cause shit like this.

p.s. BTW, on the particulars, the two most recent police shootings that have been highly publicized are indeed horrifying. Sadly, the Left has the LIVerals believing that it's only White LEO's shooting Black people. Their news media just doesn't report on Black-on-Black murder or White people getting gunned down by police. (Because it doesn't do anything to advance Leftism, so it's not worth the time.)

When the actually complete picture is that the police, like the rest of government employees, think they're in a special caste (and unfortunately they are) above the rest of us, and to hell with the people. Around here they'll gun you down for looking at them funny, and they don't give two shits what you look like. Because if you're not among the rulers, you're just the ruled.


"Can you confirm that Guccifer never gained access to her server?" asked Texas Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold. "He did not. He admitted that was a lie," Comey replied.

Oh, well if he lied about being able to break in, he certainly wouldn't lie about lying about it!

Him saying he didn't proves that he didn't, afterall. Case closed.

p.p.p.s. Fusta, here's your cue to say I'm trolling and then add a bunch of filler sentences around it until you're satisfied with yourself.

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Journal Journal: goodbye Vista and Firefucks 27

I last got a new PC in 2009, with Vista on it. About mid-point last year MS stopped testing their updates before sending them out, so after a couple of months of having to roll them back, I stopped applying them. Consequently I also started using Firefox as my primary browser, even though the piece of shit would lock up my entire system for 30 seconds at a time. I didn't want to continue using IE without it being up-to-date. And I realize I was risking things by not having the OS up-to-date. But I'm not booting to that drive anymore.

Anyways, so I unplug everything to dust it all off and clean off my desk, and when I put it all back on my desk, the monitor is dead. So I order a new monitor. It doesn't work with the DisplayPort cable I'd been using. So I go get a DVI-to-HDMI cable. Sheesh.

Put in a new hard drive, set some BIOS settings to things Dell probably should've in the first place, from the boot menu tell it to boot from CD, and nothing. Without really thinking, I reboot and this time don't bring up the boot menu, and it boots to CD. WTF.

So I install Windows 8.1, Office, Visio, Project, SQL Server, and Visual Studio (from discs made from ISO's downloaded when I had a MSDN subscription at my last job).

There are no games, so I figure out how to set up a Client Hyper-V VM, and install Vista into it. Luckily(/intentionally) I had bought cutting edge enough, and with 6 GB RAM at the time, to support this. But I find out Vista's games all use video hardware acceleration, and the VM has a software emulator. So the card games except Texas Hold'Em (I've Vista Ultimate) are all tiny. Chess Titans is 2D only, and the mouse movement and click recognition is excruciatingly slow. But I put up with it.

I wrote down all my network settings, usernames and passwords, printed my hosts file, etc., and painstakingly set up the new Windows with my settings. Took a while to set all the stuff in IE's Tracking Protection list. Installed EMET, and set it to max security (vs. stability/compatibility). Did all the Windows Updates after installing each application/application suite.

God I fucking hate doing this kind of work. That's why I'm a programmer and not an eye-tee person for a living. And it's why I'm never, ever going to do this again. I'm 50 fucking years old this year, my next OS upgrade will definitely need new hardware anyway, so I'm vowing to never again install another system in my life.

I'm surprised I didn't fucking short out the mobo putting the hard drive in.

To all you people who can actually stand to do this as part of your job, bless you, you're made of different stuff than I.

p.s. This system has no Java and no Flash (and no Firefox!).

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