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Journal Journal: $freaks++

This hasn't happened in a while...

Relationship Change
sent by Slashdot Message System on Wednesday April 26, 2017 @12:05AM

JesseMcDonald (536341) has made you their foe.

My best guess is it has something to do with the front page article on Universal Basic Income where I dared to point out that this site has become a conservative echo chamber. Based on their slashdot page it appears that "Jesse" is a bit of a libertarian...

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Journal Journal: Sometimes it doesn't pay to be nice 5

The dentist showed up 45 minutes late. She had her assistant get me set up in the chair, then proceeded to have a royal meltdown, which was visible through the open door. She was crying and screaming at her 71-year-old mother (who is the receptionist and has said many times she doesn't want to work there - guess she's been guilted into it), accusing her of shoving $170 of food onto the floor, then jumping on a cake, of all things.

At that point I almost left. I should have left, but I thought to myself "I don't want to kick someone when they're obviously having a mental breakdown." Her mental state had gone wonky once or twice before, but it hadn't affected her work. Well, except that she had been going through dental assistants like water through a wet Kleenex. They were all incompetent, didn't know what they were doing, couldn't follow instructions. Same as, according to her, she couldn't work with her brother because he hated her, her parents hate her, the government is out to make her life hard, etc.

Plus, up until now, she had been pretty painless in her work, unlike the dentists of my youth. You don't want to give up on the first dentist in your life who doesn't hurt you.

She hadn't been like that a decade ago, when she opened her practice a few offices down from where I was working, so, needing a dentist, I figured why not her?

She came back half an hour later (she was working on another patient) and froze my upper jaw, then left again. By the time she came back and started working, the lidocaine had started to wear off, so more injections. Had to be done 4 times, which helps explain why I was unsteady on my feet after.

Part-way through, she needed a #303 root elevator to take out my upper left canine. So, 5 minutes of screaming at the assistant to find a #303 root elevator (why she didn't check to make sure it had been placed on the tray with the other instruments is beyond me - this is the third visit we've had to stop and play this particular game. She's not exactly the most organized person in the world, but like I said, I didn't want to give up on a dentist who didn't hurt me).

Besides, this was to be the last time I'd need local anesthesia. "No more dental surgery after tody!"

Finally, I reach the breaking point

She's sliced open the gums to have access to the bone holding the tooth in place, and drilled enough maxilliary bone away to be able to insert the root elevator, to "lift" or "torque" the tooth out rather than just pulling it. She had me looking left, then looking right, all the time exerting greater and greater force. She might have changed tools at one point to be able to apply so much pressure, because 13 days later my neck is still sore.

There's an incredible amount of pain, and I hear what sounds like walking on small gravel. That turned out to be a chunk of my fractured jaw bone grinding in place, still attached to the tooth, then being dragged over the part that wasn't fractured. This went on for a really painful minute or so. Then the tooth and the bone were pulled through the gum tissue, obviously doing a lot of damage on the way out.

The dentist goes into the front office shouting "She's going to need a bone graft. Who's going to pay for that?" (hint - not me, you can be damn sure of that! If she had stopped when she fractured the jaw, the tooth could have been supported in place and the jaw probably left to knit back together on its' own.)

Still can't eat anything except soup, and stuff that can be swallowed whole - the stitches are a b*tch.

Why the big deal about me taking my tooth and bone home?

After I was all sewed up and biting down on gauze, I started picking around on the tool tray to find that sucker! I was asking the assistant to wrap it in tissue so I could show it to my sister (because who would believe it otherwise) when the dentist came back and said to wait until the assistant had cleaned the tray, then left again, probably to work on someone else.

20 minutes later my sister texted me to say she was waiting in the parking lot waiting to drive me home (good thing too, with all that lidocaine making it hard to keep my balance). No sign of the dentist, so I get my 1-week follow-up appointment, take my tooth and say my goodbyes to the assistant and the receptionist, and leave.

The 1-1/2 hour visit has now taken more than twice that, and obviously I'm not finished being cut open :-(

At 8 pm, the receptionist calls back to say that I need to bring the tooth and bone back tomorrow because they want to send it out to a pathologist to find out why my bones are so soft (the dentist had complained on previous visits that my bones were very soft - I had told her before that I have osteopenia, a precursor to osteoporosis, and it was also on my chart. Like I said, not very organized). "No problem, I'll be there at 9:15 am."

At 10 pm, the dentist calls back all angry at ME! "You went behind my back and took that tooth! I got the full story from my assistant! Don't bother bringing it back!" WTF??? It's MY tooth and bone, and if she wanted to do tests on it, she had to get my consent first, which means informing me first. She hadn't said anything of the sort when she saw I had the tooth in my hand, and I had brought a previous tooth home, no problem. I didn't say anything, but afterward I was thinking "why is it my fault that I'm not a mind reader and where is the apology for breaking my jaw?" This is too too weird - and I'm used to weird stuff happening to me.

Either the test was necessary, in which case it's a medical error to cancel it in a fit of pique, or it isn't, so why order it? I decided than that it was a good thing I had taken it.

The silent treatment

I go for the 1-week checkup, wait an hour, the dentist never talks to me, never examines anything, just tells the receptionist to give me a requisition for a panoramic x-ray at the local clinic and that's it. No explanations, no renewal of the antibiotic prescription for the second week, nothing. Now I'm starting to get a bit pissed off.

Wrong pills

Two days after the surgery I went to the emergency because I thought an infection might have set in. I told the doctor my worry, and that I had doubled up on the antibiotic that morning just in case. "Antibiotics don't work that way." He asks what I was on, so I showed him the bottle.

"This is a children's dose. You did the right thing doubling up. Keep on until they're gone, and I'll give you a prescription for a week at the proper dose." It's a good thing he did, because the dentist "forgot" the second week's prescription, and there was zero renewals after the first week - which is strange.

So I'm going for the panorama x-ray tomorrow, and back to the dentist to get a referral to a maxillo-facial surgeon to do the bone graft. Then I'll ask the surgeon to recommend a better dentist.

After all this mess, my sister looked her up on the internet. Wish I had thought of that. Check out the comments.

The one about not respecting patient privacy is accurate. Part-way through, she left to get the x-ray of the other patient, and insisted on showing it to me (cracked tooth, name of patient on x-ray). I wasn't interested, and besides, it's hard to see an x-ray with cataracts, etc.

In my opinion, she needs help. She also shouldn't be doing oral surgery without supervision, or maybe not at all. Infections of the jaw were often fatal before antibiotics. Screwing up the antibiotics, then not giving a complete course, put me at risk of some nasty sh*t. This mess was more painful than my root canal.

And now I'll have to have my mouth cut open again :-( Looks like I'll be eating mush for a while.

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Journal Journal: Ask Slashdot: Crowd-sourcing to counter medical malpractice 19

My endocrinologist (I'm on hormone replacement therapy) has been lying to me for 5 years. It's only after another doctor ordered additional tests to find out what might be contributing to my fatigue and depression that the truth came out. My endo had been giving me only 1/4 the recommended starter dose for HRT. I confronted him, telling him that I had never consented to non-standard treatment, and would obtain the missing medication illegally if he refused to fix the problem. He only increased the dose to 1/3 after a very heated discussion. I obtained the missing estrogen elsewhere and thoughts of suicide have disappeared. Now, in what looks like either retaliation or an attempt to keep from being second-guessed, he's removed estrogen levels from my blood tests.

I've never crowd-sourced or crowd-funded anything before, but it seems to be an effective way to at least draw attention to the problem. Hopefully the slashdot hive mind will have some ideas.

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Journal Journal: Why I'm boycotting Earth Day 7

Earth Day - the day we're supposed to show our concern for the environment by turning off our lights for one hour between 8:30 and 9:30 pm - is just greenwashing.

It's still below freezing here, and I doubt than any of the people who will be turning out their lights will be pulling their main circuit breaker to also turn of their heat, fridge, etc. But if everyone did, it would actually have a negative impact on the environment, as everyone turning the heat back on at 9:30 will create a spike in demand - a spike that will have to be met via peak electrical generator units, which are less efficient.

And everyone driving to some place to hold a candle-light vigil? Come off it - unless you walked or biked you probably used more energy than if you sat at home with all your lights on at once.

The sun sets here today at 7:13 pm. I'm not going to be bumbling around in the dark for an hour like some poseurs. I'm greener than anyone I know. I walk everywhere I can - last Wednesday it was 13 km to go to the dentist and back the day after the 16" snowstorm. Next week it will be 19 km round-trip to the doctor's. I use public transit when I have to. I recycle. But my lights are going to be on tonight. I don't need to fake being green so I can feel like I'm doing something positive.

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Journal Journal: POTUS Emeritus Alfred E Neuman on Trump 7

Bush's comments came after a prominent Republican in Congress, Rep. Darrell Issa of California, called for a special prosecutor to investigate whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and was in touch with Trump's top advisers during the campaign.

Bush said he would trust Senate Intelligence panel Chairman Richard Burr to decide if a special prosecutor is necessary.

But, Bush added, "I think we all need answers ... I'm not sure the right avenue to take. I am sure, though, that that question needs to be answered."

Indeed our world has now been turned upside-down. Not only does Trump make GWB look intelligent and well-spoken, he even makes him look presidential or diplomatic. While we already knew a while ago that the GOP took such a hard right turn that it would reject Reagan himself as a commie, now they've dove headfirst so enthusiastically into the loonie bin that Bush seems like a born leader and statesman.

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Journal Journal: So what was Milo's book Dangerous supposed to be about? 8

On my way home from work I couldn't seem to escape news coverage of the "conservative provocateur" having his book canceled after being recorded praising pedophilia.

What I couldn't seem to figure out for anything though is what his canceled book was actually supposed to be about. The Amazon entry for it only told me its length, title, and author; not a single word about its content - and that Amazon entry is now gone. Some of the news coverage was bragging about how well it was doing in pre-sales - did he really sell a huge number of books based only on his name and an exceptionally vague title?
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Journal Journal: Interesting ... openSUSE in a VM to the rescue! 6

The last few years, I've been able to read again, but NOT program. Sitting in front of the computer trying to write code, I would just draw a blank. This was the second time - the first being after the whole flesh-eating disease thing a couple of decades ago.

Finally got off the antidepressants a couple of months ago (psychiatrist still wants me on them because I still show signs of anxiety and depression, but ...). This laptop is stuck with Windows 8.1, and there was no way I could get into coding - until I loaded openSUSE into a VM this weekend, on a hunch. I think I'm going to be okay (well, except for 20/300 vision in one eye, and 20/50 in the other, both because of cataracts* - but at least the retinal bleeding has pretty much stopped - no major hemorrhages in 8 months, though I now need cataract surgery and to see a glaucoma specialist).

Things I discovered over the last few years:

1. IDEs have gotten WAY TOO COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. The worst example is android studio. What a piece of shit. 1.6 gigs, downloaded an example program, wouldn't compile, clicked on "install missing libraries", over and over and over, rebooted, no diff. Reinstalled, no diff.

Eclipse isn't any better.

2. The old, simple ways worked, and if it ain't broke, why fix it? gedit/vim, make, and a few perl and bash scripts for versioning, etc. are all I need for c/c++ and java. At least when something doesn't work, I can find why quickly.

3. Which brings up a beef (well, another one) about Android. Material design is counter-intuitive. Horizontal on-off switches??? At least a checkbox, you can tell at a glance whether it's on or off. With a horizontal toggle, is left on or is right on? Takes up more space and is less intuitive. Yet another example of change for change's sake that ends up screwing up simple, already solved problems. We keep "solving" already-solved problems, and I suspect it's pushed by people trying to justify their jobs. Like usual.

4. Ageism. It's been real the last few jobs, and there's no way it's gotten better since I stopped working. Of course, the demand for c/c++/java programmers isn't that great here any more, and the demand for 60-year-old coders is probably zero. I could get away with chopping 10-15 years off my age (most people I've met are kind of shocked I'm that old - "you certainly don't look it!") - and there is NOTHING a potential employer can do if you lie about your age. Age is not pertinent to doing a job, and using that as a reason if/when they find out pretty much proves age discrimination, but what the hell - I'm not going to be looking for a regular job anyway, right? I remember the crappy working conditions - I'd rather work part time for minimum wage elsewhere than go back to working for schmucks. Or as one softie put it - "went lettuce picking."

5. That last point bears repeating on its own : I remember the crappy working conditions. It's just not worth it. Why waste your life explaining why $IDEA is neither great, new, earth-shaking, innovative, or worth pursuing. Or telling them to f*ck off about using Rails, Groovy, $LATEST_FAD_LIBRARY_FRAMEWORK.


The importance of being able to program again is mostly to restore my self-assurance that the last few years haven't caused any real damage, not to go back into coding.

Should be interesting ... same as the whole cataract surgery thing (not a big deal). I'll probably go the independent, semi-retired route. Spend more time with the little dog, neighbors, etc., and less time trying to justify my existence to the world :-)

* You probably can't blast lasers through the lens onto the retina 4-5000 times per eye without doing some damage to the lens as well. Oh well, (imitate voice-over from "$6 million man" - we have the technology) it sure isn't going to be anywhere near as bad as the vitrectromy.

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Journal Journal: Like Owen Wilson in Armageddon 7

So the Fuckhead Of The United States is having literally the worst first month of a presidential term and his big idea is a 2020 campaign rally in fucking Florida this weekend?

Oughtta just nuke the whole country, it's the only way to be sure at this point. Fucking Yanks.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Monday Funnies!

Thank you friend, for your awesome line

Temporarily stopping entry of people from Terrorist hot-beds as defined by Obama and Congress until we can get a true vetting process so we don't import another Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

While it doesn't make the situation suck less, it is an amusing reminder of the geography fail that is the GOP.

Thank you, friend. I look forward to seeing who you can pull into your trap.

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Journal Journal: How To Destroy America in Under Two Years 22

Our POTUS / Fuhrer is off to a great start here. Not just the executive order pertaining to immigrants from 7 carefully selected countries, or even that plus the wall. It goes much further, including the promised tariffs as well as the suppression of free speech, the "alternative facts", and tightly embracing hate. This barely even gets the fascism going, really - he's done so much more beyond that.

So how will it go down? Here's my prediction.
  • First, we're going to see a large spike in unemployment, soon. This will start with the large number of government employees losing their jobs as a result of Trumpian thoughts and actions. It will go much further than those people though, as their inability to put their own money into the economy will be amplified on down.
  • Second, the cost of pretty well everything will rise. We're dependent on migrant workers doing tasks that our work force simply isn't capable of. The administration aspires to throw these people out, which will make everything we consume regularly more expensive. We cannot automate our way out of this.
  • Third, the vultures will come in and start throwing people out of their homes at an accelerated clip now that they are officially endorsed by the administration and all of the GOP. The vultures don't give a shit about the fact that this will create a substantial deluge of homes on the market with no buyers for them. They also don't care that this will bring home construction to a screeching halt and further accelerate unemployment.
  • Fourth, the government will go broke. The taxpayer base will erode and no significant money will be coming in. States will try to make up for it either by raising property taxes or through silly accounting gimmicks but that won't work either.

Hopefully the people will rise up before the collapse of the system to the point of no return.


Journal Journal: Conservative Clairvoyance

A while (years) back some conservatives claimed that we had we had elected a POTUS who hated the country. I laughed at them, but did not realize at the time that they were actually expressing profound clairvoyance. On Saturday the White House came to be occupied by someone who indeed harbors great hatred for our country.

Do you doubt me? Take a look at what he actually said in his inaugural address. Here's a hint - blessing America is dramatically different from loving America. You can do both, just as you can do one or neither. Trump opted for a rather unique combination of blessing it while hating it. I can't think of anyone who ever before was so bold to put that combination on display for all of the public to see.

It is hard to tell if it is therefore better for his sake that he had one of the least-attended inauguration ceremonies of recent history. Although even as much of a total moron as he is, he should still be well aware that people were able to see his vitriol posted to news sites and other web pages.
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Journal Journal: And the gay community fucks over straight transsexuals yet again. 2

For the longest time, the gay community has encouraged confusion between cross-dressers and transsexuals - even many of them say that transsexual women are just gay men in dresses.

That's bad enough - but so many in the "transgender community", including LGB transsexuals, have bought into a similar line - that straight transsexual women were all just repressed gay men.

Sounds reasonable if you buy into the whole "sexual orientation is always fixed." Unfortunately, the animal kingdom puts the lie to that in a big way - there are many animals that change sex (which is even more extreme) and then go on to procreate and produce young in their new sex.

Were the ones who used to be female really all just suppressed males, and vice versa? Any reasonable person would laugh at that. The animals changed both sex and sexual orientation.

But closeted gay psychiatrists (see Ray Blanchard, with his classification of straight transsexuals as "homosexual autogynephiles", and J. Michael Bailey, who wrote a book based on "research" claiming to show that transsexual women were, again, gay men, and went on to "prove" it by interviewing, and having sex with, gay transvestites) just loved to get paid spouting bullshit that furthered their personal agendas. After all, false news makes money, always has, always will.

The LGBT community vigorously denies that transsexuals can be straight in one sex, transition, and be straight in their new sex. It threatens their narrative that sexual orientation is immutable, while failing to note that not all transsexuals are gay in the first place (50% of transsexual women are straight, 1/3 bi, and 1/6 lesbian).

It also is a total denial of reality in the prison systems - straight people engage in gay and lesbian sex all the time, without any previous indicator that they might have been repressing their "true sexual orientation."

It's gotten to the point that straight transsexuals will not challenge the "suppressed gay male" story because they know they will be trashed as homophobes. All this while acknowledging that there are differences between the brains of transsexuals and non-transsexuals - they apply the same standards to both transsexuals and non-transsexuals who change sexual orientation - it MUST have been because you were really gay. How ghey is that?

The easiest way to tell if someone is a repressed gay guy is to hit on them. The really repressed ones will react violently. This has been proven in court often enough that we had to outlaw the "gay panic defense" for men accused of killing drag queens and transsexual women. So it's reasonable to assume that any transsexual woman who, prior to transition, didn't react negatively while living as a straight man, probably wasn't a repressed gay cross-dresser just dying to put on a dress.

They are doing the same to transsexuals who were straight both prior and post transition as the religious right did to all transsexuals - "you're really just gay men in drag." Bunch of fucktards with no sense of self-awareness.

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