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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Fifteen yars ago this month... 3

PC Gamer died
and then respawned again. This is probably the only place on the web with a good link for the next few days.
        What is it with these web Gypsies? PC Gamer, Immy, Zaphod, Flamey... Look, guys, nobody's going to call you a "camper" for keeping the same URL!!
        I've never, in three years of subscribing, seen anything about PC Gamer that sucks. Until now. Their new cgi is a fraggin pain in the ass. It's damned near impossible to get to PC Gamer without going through IGN. Once you get there, nearly every link takes you back. Get a grip, CM! GEES!!!

Kilroy died
        WTF??? Last month I asked for submissions of servers and/or players that suck. Here's a prime example of both. What a m0ron!!! This guy wants to kick/ban you from his crappy server for the dumbest of reasons. Using the name "m0ron" would get you kicked. Neither Immortal, Zaphod, anybody at AOL, Netserve, or Compuserve are welcome there. I don't even know the server's name or IP; in a long, flaming dissertation it isn't mentioned once. What the dumbass does say is, "we don't care about you, your exploits in Quake, your skills, or anything, we don't give a shit."
        If you want to see the whole boring and offensive page, you'll have to go to Llamanet first, 'cause there's no way in hell I'm pointing you directly there. I think I'll change my Quake name to something like "tSuBa cAn SuCk iT" just to make sure I don't get there accidentally from GameSpy. For all I'm concerned those guys can go play with themselves some more.
        Sorry about the uncharacteristic language, kiddies, but that page really PISSED ME OFF.

Steve Frags Links
        I got word that Coconut Monkey hurled himself into a lava pit because he couldn't get on the Fragfest links page. Good thing for us CM fans you can respawn in Quake (he was happier when learned that PC Gamer is, and he's linked from there).
        For those of you that aren't linked from PC Gamer, don't jump off that bridge. There is now a "Search for Quake" page with all the major search engines, indexes, and "topsites" pages. Get there through the Links page.
        Clicking on one of the search engines or indexes takes you directly to their list of Quake sites. Infoseek has over 100,000, counting news stories about earthquakes and sex pages. Chances are your page is one of them.
        If your "topsites" page isn't listed, drop me an email.

CIH frags Gamers
        If you were on Mplayer or Wireplay last week and had your PC on Monday the 26th, you're probably not reading this right now, since your PC doesn't work any more. If you were on either of these services the week before the 26th and didn't have your PC on that day, disinfect it right now. Don't even finish the page! It's that serious.
        A third unknown company found the virus before posting an infected file on the internet.
        "I am positive that I got it [CIH] from," said one Quake player, who asked to remain anonymous, via e-mail to Ziff Davis. "Over ten friends have gotten it as well. Mplayer obviously isn't going to say anything." Don't trust a piece of software just because it's shrink wrapped. Run a good antivirus program after installing anything. And stay the hell away from Warez!
        If I used those paid subscription gaming places like Mplayer, I'd be demanding my money back. Use GameSpy instead!

Humor died
        And then it respawned again.
        A month or so ago, I pulled my humor page. It's (No! Please no!!) back. In a feeble attempt to provide a few chuckles, I've reinstated a new humor page with all new original content (or what passes as "content"). Find out how many Stroggs it takes to screw in a lightbulb, when you need a new Quake name, a new Quake server, or a new computer. Plus; Sonic, something for campers, and what Quake and StarCraft have in common.

Steve trips on his own grenade
        If you're wondering where Zaphod went... he didn't go anywhere. I screwed up the link somehow. It's fixed. So when you're "dun" here, go to Lag City, where I found out that MicroSoft has released a new version of their DUN software. Zaphod says it helps, I haven't tried it yet (it's still downloading).

Immy died
        But he respawned again. He's got a new URL (the second in less than three months). He's still Insane!
        Quake 2 players can't escape Lyco's grenade
        "Your search for quake 2 returned no results. Search words were not found. Please check your spelling or search again using different words (nouns and verbs). Or click here for search help."
        Nothing like a good search engine! At least not on Lycos.

Id Frags Quake
        Id reports that Quake III Arena (the now official name) will ship next year. They promise that it will be to Quake 2 what Quake 2 was to Quake 1.

Saved games can't escape Id's super shotgun
        A beta version of the 3.18 patch is out. Here's a list of the changes from 3.17. The beta patch, COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED BY ANYBODY, is there, too.
        Most servers won't use the beta version, the new patch will be available here when the final version is released.

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Fifteen yars ago this month...

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  • by rk ( 6314 )

    Holy cow, I'd forgotten all about Lycos. Does anybody still use them? Did anybody ever use them? It was Webcrawler, then Altavista (which could've been the next Google, but they screwed it up with their "portal" concept) then Google for me.

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      I used Infoseek mostly until Google came around. I found Google by them spidering my site. Started using it when the Fragfest came up fifth in a search for "Quake" (they probably spidered Blue's on a day he linked), did a few more searches and Infoseek was history for me.

      Bing was around back then, they just called it MSN. It sucked then, too.

      • by rk ( 6314 )

        Nah, bing and MSN, though both Microsoft, are different beasts and they suck in totally different ways. :-D

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