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Journal mcgrew's Journal: The rogue animal 19

This was going to be a comment in Jeremiah Cornelius' JE about Christopher Jordan Dorner, but adding it as another JE might perhaps get it more eyeballs, and it's a bit long for a comment. The following treatise is an observation about the species Homo Sapiens. Please read JC's linked JE before continuing.

Corporate media mentions the "manifesto" but nothing about its contents. Corporate media has indeed vilified this man and terrorized a lot of people. "A killer is on the loose!" Well, I know and have known a lot of killers. They're called "soldiers" and "veterans." A lot of the killers I've known are now dead from Agent Orange. But the thing is, he's a soldier. He's only targeting the enemy -- cops and those associated with cops. And often cops are the enemy of "we, the people." If you're poor (or sometimes just black) they're almost always the enemy.

Cops are supposed to be for justice, and justice is what this brave soldier is after.

They say it as if he's "snapped" (their word) and ask the stupid question "why five years after he was fired?" It's a stupid question because it's aimed at the stupid; they know the answer -- his appeals are now exhausted.

Like any other animal, homo sapiens have strong instincts, but we convince ourselves that we're rational. We're not. Do a little experiment sometime. Take a 100 mile trip and do 5mph under the speed limit and you'll see evidence of one of our strongest instincts -- the herding instinct. A group of ten to a hundred cars will pass you, slowing down briefly to unconsciously attempt to get you to join the herd, yet still following the herd's lead. Then, empty highway for a while until the next herd comes along.

Those in power know this, and use your animal instincts against you. You can train any animal if you understand its instincts, even "untrainable" house cats. Mine actually come when called! I once trained a cat to play dead. It isn't hard if you understand their instincts.

Humans are no different, except they're easier to train because we are one of the most, if not the most, social of all animals. We follow the herd. Steve Jobs knew this, or iThings would not be so popular. Fashion designers know this or you wouldn't find like-new clothing at Goodwill. We've been trained to believe (easy because of our herding instinct) that if it's not in fashion, it's worthless. We've been trained to believe that "free equals worthless" despite the fact that two of the most valuable things there are are free -- air and rain. We buy Alieve even though the exact same drug in a generic bottle costs 1/3 as much because "you get what you pay for."

My mother once told me "Steve, you think too much." I disagree. We don't think enough. We follow the herd. The leaders of the pack know this.

That soldier who "has gone rogue" is following his instinct and training. Unfortunately for the corrupt LAPD, he is also a thinker.

Thinkers are dangerous -- to the leaders of the herd. If you're not a cop or related to one, you have nothing to fear from this man, despite media lies. This man is a patriot, and those he targets are traitors.

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The rogue animal

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  • I read his whole manifesto yesterday, and he appears to be quite a rational and intelligent person except for a couple of very specific ways in which he is crazy:

    1. He thought that a reasonable response to having his career ruined was to go to war against the LAPD: This is because he saw the only value in his life as being tied up in his military and police career, when he lost those it's like they killed him, and now he's a ghost out for revenge. A reasonable person would become an activist against the LAP

    • * I should amend 1 to say "a reasonable response to having his career ruined and the illegal and unethical actions of the LAPD was..."

    • He should have seen a shrink about this I think.

      That is (at least) half the problem as I see it. While mental health problems don't tend to just show up instantaneously, his issues likely became worse at the time when he had the least access to help - after losing his job.

      Whie I generally agree with the NRA on almost nothing, I do agree with them that we need to deal with mental health problems in our country. Of course, they are too cowardly to actually propose a way to do anything as they are in bed with the GOP and hence cannot suggest anything

      • by rk ( 6314 )

        The NRA needs to unplug the GOP's collective dicks from their collective asses, and actually defend people's right to keep and bear arms, and if that means supporting something like single payer health care so that people can actually get preventative (mental included) health care, then they need to get behind it. If you really support the idea that regular people should be allowed to own firearms, the NRA is *NOT* your friend. They have proved time and time again to just be the GOP's tool.

        • As I said before, I agree with the NRA on pretty much nothing. They are indeed just a massive lobbying group for the GOP at present. As far as firearm ownership goes I would say the biggest problem i have with them is that they don't do jack shit to actually encourage responsibility in ownership. If they were honestly interested in personal responsibility they would favor a national database to track every single gun sold from this point forward without exception. If they were honestly interested in per
          • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

            I agree, but as to making people responsible, that probably varies by state. I'm pretty sure if you shot someone accidentally you'd be in deep trouble -- when I was first married a friend of my wife hit someone with her car and killed her. The woman was sober, but was still facing manslaughter charges. I seriously doubt an accidental death by firearm would be treated any less harshly. And how could anyone but the privately owned media make an example of someone who accidentally killed themselves?

            • I could have been more verbose on that comment. I was thinking not only of cases where a gun owner accidentally shoots someone from their own stupidity but also cases where an irresponsible gun owner leaves their gun sitting out and someone else gets ahold of it and injures or kills someone. I may sound like a broken record on the matter but a key example of this is the heavily-spun "Wii suicide" [] from a few years ago. That was clearly a case of an atrociously irresponsible gun owner but in the rush to
              • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

                Agreed, gun safes and trigger locks should be mandatory.

                • Agreed, gun safes and trigger locks should be mandatory.

                  Indeed, although enforcement is pretty well impossible. The best way to encourage responsible gun ownership is to truly throw the book at hacks who are careless with their weapons.

                  If someone breaks into your house, steals your gun safe, takes it home and rips it to shreds with a torch to get out your gun and then goes out and kills someone with it, you couldn't have reasonably done more and the person who stole it should be solely responsible. However if you leave your loaded gun on the kitchen table

    • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

      2. Use of the word "nigger" makes him lose his shit. A civilized, educated first-worlder has no excuse for letting words affect them this way,

      Oh shit, you mean Dorner is really Mars Blackmon/Spike Lee?

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      1. Exactly.
      2. When I was in the service, I asked a close friend who was black why blacks were so offended by the word. After all, it's just a word. He explained to me that when blacks were slaves, they were no more than farm animals. So when you call a black person "nigger" you're saying (s)he is subhuman. I see young blacks throwing around the word "nigga" as a good thing.

      What most blacks don't understand is that most whites don't associate "nigger" with skin color, but lifestyle.

      The farther back in histor

      • I see young blacks throwing around the word "nigga" as a good thing.

        Whether you believe it or not some claim that when they use it themselves they "take ownership" of the word and make it to mean something positive. In a way it's almost like when Jewish people use the term "Jew" to refer to themselves or other Jewish people. While "Jew" can be used in a derogatory way it can also just be a way for people of that set to identify others of the same set.

        • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

          ...some claim that when they use it themselves they "take ownership" of the word and make it to mean something positive.

          Yes. There is no longer a sting to "mick" or "spick" or "dego". I heard more pollack kokes from a guy named Wisinski than anyone.

  • by chill ( 34294 )


  • The fact that he was rational and sane up until he wasn't gives lie to the notion that "we just need to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people".

    Problem is, sane today, crazy tomorrow.

  • []

    Although if it were for anything but show the LAPD wouldn't have the reputation they're known for.

    And they're asking him to turn himself in. They already swiss-cheesed an innocent bystanders' truck with bullets just because it looked sort of like his (different make & model, but it was a blue pickup) and pulled up to a location they were monitoring so they might just shoot him on sight.

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      An interesting lie in your link: He called the spate of revenge-driven killings Dorner is suspected of unleashing "an act of domestic terrorism,"

      Terrorism is political violence against CIVILIANS. He's not targeting civilians, he's targeting those he sees as traitors to his country. That one sentence from Reuters highlights the propaganda the MSM spews.

      • by rk ( 6314 )

        Well, he did say in his manifesto that he would target spouses and children of LAPD officers, so he pretty much wins the terrorist label on that score alone. Targeting military and para-military organizations is not terrorism, I certainly agree with you there. But if you're going to target the child of someone just because they're that person's child, no matter how bad the parent may be, you're just another thug and animal with a gun, and you don't have my support.

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