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Journal mcgrew's Journal: The Cartoon Terrorist 5

A terrorist was arrested here in Springfield Wednesday. The Department of Homeland Security was nowhere to be found.

Michael C. Finton, who called himself "Talib Islam" (a cartoon name if there ever was one) started his plot two years ago, and like any other cartoon character would, wrote about them where his parole officer found them,

Finton, who had served a sentence in state prison for aggravated robbery and aggravated battery, was arrested in August 2007 for violating conditions of his supervised release. At that point, his parole officer found several of Finton's writings, including a letter he had written to John Walker Lindh, an American who was captured fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001 and imprisoned on terrorism violations.

He also intelligently talked about his plans to "an acquaintance", who called the FBI.

Islam told the acquaintence that he wanted to go overseas and join the jihad.

What a maroon.

At another point, the affidavit states, Finton "said the attack would be an historic occasion. ... Finton said it was his biggest dream to be the first domino to fall, to be the one who brought the whole thing crashing down. He said that if his deeds were accepted (by God), then his sins would be forgiven because of his intention. He spoke again of his hope that the attack would cause American troops to be pulled back out of Afghanistan and Iraq."

Of course, he found someone willing to set him up with a shitload of explosives, which he would then detonate with a cell phone.

The guy who furnished the "explosives" was an FBI agent. Cartoon Boy drove the explosive-laden truck to the Federal courthouse at sixth and Monroe, parked it, and got in his friend the FBI agent's car. They drove off, and Finton detonated... his freedom. As soon as he dialed the number he was arrested.

Fittingly, he was brought before U.S. Magistrate Judge Byron Cudmore in the very building he had tried to blow up.

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The Cartoon Terrorist

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  • Republicans spent 6 years insisting that Bush was keeping us safe, but it's not until Obama that we actually get proof of it. This isn't the only case, they just arrested a Jordanian in Dallas [] who was buying explosives, making threats online, etc.

    To be fair, we've been getting news releases of stuff that went down during Bush's reign that show that the feds were keeping us safe then, too, but most of it was either squelched at the time [] or didn't come out until just now [].

    I guess nobody believing you is the o

    • And when the President insists it is not about race, you know the Secret Service is likely monitoring hardware stores for sales of ropes to tobacco-chewers, and linen supply stores for sales of white sheets to dudes in tee-shirts saying "you lie", etc, etc.

      Any idiot knows it is about race... sometimes. Jimmy knows it, and I confirm Jimmy should know.

  • If this is the best that Al Queda can muster, I will sleep better at night. And kudos to the FBI.

    This is why you should always test the first explosive supplied to you by card-carrying Al Queda member.

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