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Journal mcgrew's Journal: I hit the wall again... 3

I have a habit of friending those who friend me. However, two people friended me today and it appears I've hit the magic 200 mark. So to dissy and Krakhan, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I can't friend you back. Be proud that you two have put me over the edge.

I could add another 200 if I subscribed, but what the hell... Too bad I can't use some of the 200 foes slots; I've yet to foe anyone.

And to all 202 of you in my "fans" list, thank you!

Some kind soul must have bought me a subscription, because I just now clicked on a story on the front page and there was no "reply" button. Then I noticed that the story would be posted "in the mysterious future".

So I clicked the links to dissy and Krakhan and lo and behold, I was able to friend them.

So whoever got me subscribed, a great big thank you!

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I hit the wall again...

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  • If only you could foe your AC stalker, now that would be handy.
  • I tried to friend everyone of my fans but ran into the "you've used this resource too much, try again later" error message. It would only let me add them four or five at a time. I didn't have the attention span to stick with this long enough to get my whole fans list added as friends.

    I'd like to subscribe again but they took away the credit card payment option and I refuse to do business with Paypal. I e-mailed CmdrTaco about this months ago and was told that it wasn't a priority to fix but that it'd be

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      I ran across that, too, when I decided to friend all my fans, but iirc I could friend fifteen or so before I got the "resource" message.

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