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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Eye muss bee knew hear 6

Well, nobody can accuse me of being a karma whore. I got my old slashdot account back; the one with my name as my user name (and a five digit UID). I've traded my excellent karma for neutral karma.

I haven't posted under this ID since January 2000. If you know me at all, you know me from years back at K5, or you know me as sm62704. That's my initials, and the zip code of the apartment I where I lived when I registered the account.

I didn't keep a "friends" list but there's reason to now; If you were on my "fans" list, I'm putting you on my "friends" list. It may take awhile to get to everybody, please be patient.

I want to thank samzepus for helping me get my old UID back!

I'll be posting a new mcgrew journal tomorrow, Under the rainbow.

So, I made a move on Charlie, and, well, let's just say that I'm not very good at seduction. By "not very good" I mean I suck at it badly. I doubt I've ever seduced a woman in my life; every woman I ever had, they had their eye on me first. Maybe that's the way it works, I don't know.

She was gentle in her rejection.

I'll have to get a new email address to get the password back fro sm62704, and I'll make one more journal entry in it before letting it go dormant. It will simply read

Attention Freaks and Fans

I've managed to get the password to my old "mcgrew" account, so I won't be using this one any more. Its first journal will reference and link this account.

If you are on my "fans" list, I'll be adding you to the "friends" list of the mcgrew account. If you are onn my "freaks" list you'll just have to add "mcgrew" to your "foes" list; I am not going to have "foes" in that account, either.

The mcgrew journals will be more rationally listed under the old mcgrew account. The first one is Under the rainbow

I'll see you at the new; er, I mean "old" account!

There will be another journal entry, lightning fast the day after. It concerns some illicit beverage a fellow brought back from North Carolina.

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Eye muss bee knew hear

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  • What was the problem? Lost password or defunct email address attached to this account?
  • ^^

    Not that you ever really left..
  • Makes me wonder if I could get my old account back []

    the ISP i had at that time sold out to earthlink about the same time there was a change here a /. and i had to reset my pword

    I lost my email because they converted everyone to earthlink addresses and did a bad job of it. no email to the original address forwaded. so when I tried to reset my password i never got the notification

    no amount of begging and cajoling could get TPTB at the time to let me have the account back.

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *
      Email and explain the situation, and let them know what the old email address was. If you didn't have it public here, I'm pretty sure they'll help.

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