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Comment Re: Whut? (Score 1) 365

I was taught by my father (he drove a fire truck) to:
* turn of the engine
* apply parking brake and let that hold the weight of the car
* and then put it in first

That way the weight of the car is being supported by the parking brake and not the engine (or something... I'm not a car guy), which would be used as a back up in case the parking brake fails.

Comment Ex-Hawaii resident here (Score 1) 277

I have mixed feelings on this after spending 10 years on several Hawaiian islands. Hawaiians have a deep reverence and connection to the land which is one thing they ABSOLUTELY get right. I'm not sure where the sweet spot is w/r/t progress / preserving the land, but categorically reducing the Hawaiians through name calling is not fair, and quite naive in my book, when you haven't lived there to fully grok where many of them are coming from.

Comment Shoot for instant gratification with... (Score 1) 799

web programming. Set him up with a web server where he can work on projects to show off to his friends. I believe that in the beginning learning how to express yourself in code is more important than what language you're doing it in....

Instant gratification + something cool to share with friends == success and satisfaction.

I wish you luck...

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