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Comment Re:Switch to KDE (Score 1) 729

So the keyboard option works fine in Unity (alt-f2, etc).

The mouse-only option still fails.
Being able to browse programs in an ordered menu-like structure fails.
Being able to go through lists and find that randomly named program I just installed fails.
Being able to go to a list of all Preference or Administration options fails.

Unity is half-baked and half-featured. I'm Ubuntu Classic after two very frustrating days of trying to use "the new shiny" stuff. I feel stupid for thinking it was me that had to find the value in Unity... shouldn't be that hard to find.

Comment Re:A couple of basic information pieces (Score 1) 467

"It's possible there was fraud. But the fact that if Dems don't like an outcome, they immediately bring up this kind of bullshit is just fucking ridiculous."
Your first sentence and second sentence contradict each other. If there is a possible fraud then it should be investigated, regardless of political party.

"Let's see, duh, a halfway handsome black guy..."
Obviously you have not seen this guy. Handsome is not the first word that springs to mind.

Regardless, I would wager since he spent ZERO money on campaigning, had no rallies, and did not even go door-to-door that people just voted for him since they did not like the other choices (which they might have been familiar with). Or perhaps there was some sort of fraud or error in the electronic voting. That is why it must be investigated - not for the sake of Dems picking a competent nomination, but for making sure electronic voting machines are either removed or fixed before they screw up an important election.

Comment Re:Google (Score 1) 460

Read his question again, in particular:
"I need something in the middle — a separate workspace for each screen, so that I can have independent virtual desktops on each screen, but still have the ability to move applications between monitors (no need to strech one app across both of them)."

He specifically states that he must be able to drag applications BETWEEN the x sessions. Is that possible with your proposals?

First Floating Wind Turbine Buoyed Off Norway 265

MonkeyClicker writes to tell us that the world's first large-scale floating turbine has been installed off the coast of Norway. A combined effort between Siemens and StatoiHydro, this marks the first foray into deeper waters due to restrictions in place that require offshore turbines to be attached to the sea bed. "The turbine in Norway will be 7.4 miles offshore where the water is 721 feet deep. It will be utility-size turbine, with a hub height of about 100 feet, capable of generating 2.3 megawatts of electricity. To address the conditions of the deep sea, the turbine will have a specially designed control system that will seek to dampen the motion from waves."

Gaming Netflix Ratings? 235

Nom du Keyboard writes "Not for the first time, I've noticed a new film that hasn't yet even reached the theaters, yet has hundreds of positive votes and/or reviews recorded on Netflix. This time the movie is Inkheart. For a movie that doesn't even hit the theaters until January 23, it already has 428 votes and a rating of 4.3 (out of 5) on Netflix. Seems more than a bit fraudulent to me. Also, it has a review that doesn't even review the movie, but instead says the books are great, therefore the movie should be too. Does the word 'shills' come to mind? With millions spent to promote a movie, are a few hundred of that going to phony voters? Or have that many people actually seen the film and just can't wait to rush home and log onto Netflix to vote? Just what is Netflix's responsibility here to provide honest ratings?"
Operating Systems

Gentoo in Crisis, Robbins Offers Solution 259

mrbadbar writes "Gentoo Linux founder Daniel Robbins says Gentoo's leadership is in crisis. 'the Gentoo Foundation's charter has been revoked for several weeks, which means that as of this moment the Gentoo Foundation no longer exists.' Robbins offers a solution: his return as President of the Gentoo Foundation. According to Robbins: 'If I return as President, I will preserve the not-for-profit aspect of Gentoo. Beyond this, you can expect everything to be very, very different than how things are today.'"

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