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Comment Re:Because of the expansion (Score 1) 109

Actually, because of the principle of general covariance, it is necessary for academics to show that their cosmological calculations work in different coordinates. Thinking that is bound to special coordinates such as the Freidmann coordinates will only be confused by the fictitious forces exhibited therein. The standard mathematical precautions taken against this sort of problem have failed in this case.

Relativity itself disallows the necessity of thinking that space inherently expands or contracts. The principle of relativity instead allows anyone to think that space is stationary, and that matter and radiation are flying apart in it.

Comment Because of the expansion (Score 1) 109

Yes you can use the Schwarzschild argument. Expanding space is only a handwaving rationalization, a coordinate-dependent way of thinking that is not compatible with the principle of general covariance.

If the gravitational source density was ever more than zero, then it follows that the contents of the universe were less massive in the past. In an inertial set of coordinates, not the screwy Freidmann coordinates, it can be understood that the shards of the Big Bang, flying apart at next to lightspeed, still add mass to the universe today, but at a diluted density.

Comment Re:FTL or Wormhole Travel (Score 1) 358

Seriously everyone, the use of a special coordinate system does not actually allow for or make real any apparent superluminal expansion. The numbers that indicate speed faster than light are nothing more than artifacts from a non inertial and non homogenous coordinate system. It is a dirty secret that cosmological phenomenologists wave away with vague rhetoric. They ought to be required to validate their work with a different coordinate system, preferably an a priori Cartesian system.

When I look at the evidence for acceleration in terms of simple kinetics, I can only deduce either evolution of the supernovae in question (which is almost certainly so), or else deceleration of the universe. Phenomenologists may wave their hands (again) over the compilication of spacial curvature, but actually this is always dominated by the effect of simple gravity.

Comment Re:Contradicts current theory? (Score 1) 156

It is easy to think of a way to make free angular momentum from an actual magnetic monopole. Who can do this without searching the internet? Why do academics not do basic plausibility checks on their work?

And no, quantum mechanics is not exempt from conservation laws in ways that are macroscopically measurable. The Bianchi identities prohibit this where the metric exists. There was a failure to detect any slowing of gamma rays across the universe by vacuum effects.

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Journal Journal: viXra

I submitted again at viXra.

Comment Additional methods (Score 1) 1

I would now narrow the middle section of the blue curve rather than increasing the slope. The settings for bright colors at the top right of the curves might not be so symmetric as I assumed above, since bright colors depend more on the transparency of the slides than on the faded dyes that count for dark colors.

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Journal Journal: My viXra articles

I posted two articles at the viXra archive for physics outsiders. Have a look if you will. I try to post first drafts of fresh thinking here, though. And look for my book "Hacking Physics". is my article "Neglect of General Covariance". is "Draw the metric!".

Michael J. Burns

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Journal Journal: The big bang is now.

Think about it in a careful way. Visualize a spacelike line, then extend it as a geodesic. Using a proper diagram of the universe, it is easy to show that this eventually intersects the big bang horizon. Don't be confused by convention; the Friedmann coordinates are very deceptive.

So shards of the big bang, expanding at light speed from a universal starting point in the past, are essentially contemporaneous with us.

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Journal Journal: Stephen Jay Gould understood natural selection on groups.

I read his essays on this point but did not understand until this year. He knew that natural selection on groups was a truism. And so he did not even argue at length for it, only focusing on the selection that acts on various sizes of groups, as opposed to accidents of history.

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