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Submission + - 3D TVs Set for Distribution Despite Health Concern (

eldavojohn writes: Maybe you caught Avatar in theaters in 3D and wished you could get that sort of experience in your home. Well, you will. Three dimensional display technology is turning into a $64 billion industry with companies shipping models already despite absolutely no health risk investigations by the manufacturers. University researchers claim that there could be issues with prolonged exposure re-wiring how your brain senses three dimensional objects as well as becoming exacerbated with age. Do not mistake this with fear mongering, the researchers just question why there has been zero health research around such a lucrative device saying, 'I don't think there's any compelling argument that if you look at this sort of content as a kid something terrible will happen, so I wouldn't be to alarmist about it--but the point is we don't know. There is, however, some small indication that if you have a diet of blurry images it can accentuate myopia, for example.' The past two years have been spent sorting out standards, intellectual property and technology issues but where has consumer health been addressed?

Submission + - Legal issues regarding remote access

tape recorder writes: I work at a college with many buildings spread over 10 city blocks. Because of recent legal events at Lower Merion school district our director of technology is cracking down on remote access to support users. Currently they are requiring a managers approval to remote into a system. What are the legal issues and responsibilities of IT departments, and their representatives when supporting users via remote desktop or similar technologies. In our case all equipment that we access is owned by the school, and only accessed to address issues when users report problems. Additionally these are desktop systems, not laptops with webcams.

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