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Comment Re:Celsius and water (Score 1) 1233

Centigrade is calibrated using pure water, which is quite difficult to produce. Fahrenheit was calibrated using things that were easier to find. The Fahrenheit scale came first and was successful because it was easy for people to calibrate thermometers to use it. Most of the world (i.e. pretty much everyone except the USA) switched to it decades ago because distilled water is now quite easy to produce (and thermometers are not manually calibrated anymore, they are mass produced within tolerances that will give a certain calibration and so the issue of calibration difficulty is not applicable).

Comment Re:Good-bye ice, it was nice knowing you. (Score 1) 245

Nope, he wasn't a big-time developer. Thought he was going to retire and die before 60, just like his father, uncles, grandfathers, etc, but instead he lived into his 90s (so did his brothers, one cousin lived to 100+, another made it to 110) and took up citrus growing.

He wrote his memoirs in his 80s, it is very interesting to contrast How Things Were to How Things Are.

Comment Same in store for me in future? (Score 1) 594

This makes me worry a bit... For a while now, I've been receiving the email of some guy who happens to have the same name I've got. Investment shit. At first, I'd notify the idiot who sent me it of the problem, and suggest they contact the guy directly to get a proper email address... But it just goes on and on. I've got no clue what the guy's email is; as the idiots sending the badly-addressed email won't say, and they're obviously not notifying the guy of the problem. So I've started just ignoring the damn things. Let him figure it out.... And now some douchebag american judge might get pissy with my email account because these idiots can't get it right? Makes me want to quit gmail and at least get back onto a canadian mail provider.

Comment Re:Dangerous Thinking (Score 1) 611

My bad, I am referring to Operation Crossroads, 1946. Two blasts, one atmospheric, one underwater. Neither one sunk more than a few ships, although the underwater blast created a hell of a lot of radiation, which could not be removed from the ships. Turns out being broadside to the blast makes a big difference, as well as distance - the first blast did not sink any ships further than 760m.

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