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Submission + - 7 Grammatical Errors that Aren't (

mattwrock writes: This one goes out to the grammar Nazis. 7 rules that you may have been following for proper sentence structure may not be valid. From the posts I have been reading, you may not be following any rules.

Submission + - Windows 96 T urns 15, Has Mircosfot Peaked? (

mattwrock writes: "Windows 95 turns 15, but this is the first time I have seen in the "mainstream" press questioning the future of Microsoft. The chief threat to Microsoft and Apple is the "Generic Web Experience", which Apple does has an entrant. If the mainstream press is talking about Microsoft that people on Slashdot has been saying for some time, is Microsoft worried?"

Submission + - Talking To Your Family About Public Domain 1

mattwrock writes: "My daughter wants to work for Disney, and I told her that I didn't like them because of their abuse of the public domain. I then tried unsuccessfully to show my family that not giving back to the public domain is bad for everybody. Their response was that Disney created the images, even if they didn't create the story, and that they should be allowed to keep them out of the public domain for as long as they want. Has anyone been able to talk to their families about issues like public domain abuse or net neutrality?"

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