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Comment Re: Your Thoughts and Use of Post Processing? (Score 1) 35

Fake? Please stop talking about someone else's work of which clearly you have no technical experience. These pink clouds are often seen in Australia in the late evening.
I have photographed far more extreme pink rainbow clouds in Australia see blog https://mattlamb2001.wordpress... .
Where we point our cameras has more affect on the image than any post processing or printing side effects

Comment Google is racing to the bottom (Score 1) 168

When your main product "advertising" is being sold at lower and lower prices in order to maintain income then a simple graph will show where the point arrives that cost of overheads meet a break even point.

I hate advertising on mobile and as tech goes even smaller and less obvious and more useful the advertising market will have to go elsewhere.

Googles self driving cars had better work out and stand above others in the same race, Toyota, Volvo etc

Comment Expectation of privacy - Law is wrong (Score 1) 183

Expectation of privacy in E-Mail should be a law.

If the court wants my mail with a warrant the only place it should exist is in my home or device not on a mail server third party.

We need digital envelopes for "our" mail. When was the last time the post office received a warrant for your mail?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Why Isn't There More Public Outrage About NSA Revelations? (

Nerval's Lobster writes: If a new report in The Washington Post is accurate, the National Security Agency (NSA) has siphoned up millions of online address books and contact lists. The Post drew its information from top-secret documents provided by government whistleblower Edward Snowden, who spent the summer feeding information about the NSA to a variety of news outlets. Those documents hint at the massive size of the NSA’s operation; on a single day in 2012, for example, the agency collected 444,743 email address books from Yahoo and 22,697 from Gmail, along with tens of thousands of contact lists from other popular Web services. Snowden's documents (as outlined in The Guardian, Spiegel Online and other venues) have detailed a massive NSA program that's siphoning all sorts of personal information from a variety of sources — and yet the public seems to have greeted each new revelation with weakening outrage. Whereas the initial news reports about NSA splying in June kicked off a firestorm of controversy and discussion (aggravated by the drama of Snowden seeking asylum in pretty much any country that would have him), the unveiling of the NSA’s Great Contact-List Caper has ranked below the news stories such as the government shutdown, negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, and invites for Apple’s upcoming iPad event on aggregators such as Google News; it also didn't make much of a blip on Twitter and other online forums. There’s the very real possibility that Americans, despite the assurances of government officials, are being monitored in a way that potentially violates their privacy. Surely that’s an issue that concerns a great many individuals; and yet, as time goes by, it seems as if people are choosing to focus on other things. Are we suffering from "surveillance fatigue"?

Submission + - Apples Appstore - zero reviews on 4.5 million downloads

mattlamb writes: I see many apps in the store that have zero reviews, yet they are top of the list as displayed by Apple.

One caught my eye as there website claims 4.5 million unique downloads. Yet the same app has no reviews?
What gives I may not be one to do reviews but after 4.5 million surely a few would have?
No link to software as I do not want to be accused of promoting it.

So whats the point of a review system if you don't publish them? could they all be that bad..

Submission + - Cloud storage mostly used for music (

mattlamb writes: So Apple is king of cloud storage. Mostly due to music storage online (would have been a bigger lead over the others except Apples tough on pron). Does this mean all those millions of dollars spent building data centre's is just to make multiple copies of Pink Floyd or Nirvana? please someone tell me they only actually store one copy not 1,000 of copies one for every user?

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