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Submission + - Facebook app hacks, installs spyware (mashable.com)

Technical Writing Geek writes: "Apparently, one of those annoying "who do you like" Facebook applications called Secret Crush actually downloads and installs spyware on your computer. The application appears no different from other similar ones: it appears in your profile, saying that someone has a "secret crush" on you. Eager to find out who the secret admirer is, you install it, and instead of some lovin', you get the infamous Zango spyware. Not nice.



Submission + - Commodore approaches Banksy to design PC skin (custompc.co.uk)

arcticstoat writes: "Banksy, the acclaimed British guerrilla graffitti artist famous for defacing 500 Paris Hilton CDs and his eye-catching street art, has been approached by Commodore to design a PC skin for a one-off charity auction. 'We've been in touch with his agent,' Commodore spokesman Jools Moore told Custom PC, 'and asked the question "would you like to do something for us?" we're talking more about a one-off skin to be honest, because I don't think he'd agree to license his art for profit."

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