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Submission + - what is the perfect coder's chair?

DragonTHC writes: "I am faced with sitting for long periods of time to do the majority of my work as a consultant. It seems that truly ergonomic chairs cost more than $700 these days. What kind of office chair should I get that will save my back and keep me from getting the DVTs in my legs? What chairs are out there that I can afford on my small budget up to $300? What do other coders spend their lives sitting in?"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - WiFi Biologically Exposure Limits? (

SaffronMiner writes: "Dr. Nick Begich has released a public letter to introduce everyone to Cindy Sage's work at BioInitiatives, on how exposure to things like Cell Phones, and WiFi, are affecting our health.

From page 24 and page 587:

Although this RF target level does not preclude further rollout of WiFi technologies, we also recommend that wired alternatives to WiFi be implemented, particularly in schools and libraries so that children are not subjected to elevated RF levels until more is understood about possible health impacts.

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