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Comment Business as usual (Score 2) 85

The auto industry has been making cars that crash and burn their owners alive for decades and then try to cover it up. This is just the new hi-tech version of the same damn thing. Wasn't it Ralph Nader who forced them to accept just a few safety features? Doesn't look like he has a comparable contemporary these days.

Comment Re:well.. (Score 1) 187

Actually, AC has a point. Spending that much time working/studying is counter-productive and will do more to hold them back. Over a hundred years of working week research and experience has taught us this but still we fail to learn. Perhaps we're just too tired to learn from all that hard working?

Comment Re:Spin Spin Spin (Score 1) 282

Looks like Hillary's strategy is to blame Russia.

And people are stupid enough to fall for it, rather than bother thinking about the content of the information.

The content of the emails is actual news. I don't think Murica's interested in facts and newsy-type-stuff any more. They'd rather listen to Clinton vs. Trump. We need a new candidate, one who's a pro-wrestler and a porn star. Vote for Dwayne Alozando Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho for president - F*CK YEAH!

Comment What's the difference between... (Score 1) 207

What's the difference between a legitimate packet and an illegitimate one? How will MS', Apple's, and Google's operating systems distinguish between them in order to decide which to reject and which to accept? This sounds like one of those stupid, ill-informed, half-cock ideas like banning encryption.

Comment One in a long list... (Score 1) 49

There's a long list of activities that have been shown to slow or mask cognitive decline in the elderly, e.g. reading, being bilingual, learning a second/foreign language, and physical exercise but most of all, social engagement. There have been a number of studies that have shown remarkable improvements in not only cognitive function but also quality of life in retirement homes where they've enacted programmes where small children visit. The residents talk to the children, read them stories, and various other activities. Also beats crappy day-care where the carers barely have enough time to feed and change the children in their care, let alone engage with them socially and play with them.

Comment Re: Walmart mentality (Score 1) 205

In case you haven't noticed, this isn't a new thing by any stretch;

I didn't say it was. Since the USA and many other countries have managed to clamber their way out of feudalism to the benefit of most of their citizens, it seems such a shame to simply impose it on other countries so that a tiny minority can make a fast buck and tear our achievements asunder in the process.

Comment Re: Walmart mentality (Score 1) 205

"The bottom" is moving production to countries with regimes that either don't have or don't enforce basic human rights or have any kind of effective worker protections. People in those regimes have no choice but to work long hours in dangerous conditions under constant threat of violence and dismissal. Is that what you want to compete with? How about people working under those conditions starting to undercut your job?

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