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Comment What's worth $19 billion? (Score 2) 66

Why did FB pay $19 billion for? Some personal messaging software? Encryption algorithms? Somehow, that doesn't sound likely to me. How much would that cost to code, and do it better from scratch? Dear Indian govt and WhatsApp users, what do you think is worth $19 billion to FB? And how likely do you think it is that they'll give that up?

Comment Does not compute... (Score 1) 343

Comey said FBI agents concluded that all the computer aide was trying to do was replace Clinton's email address so it wouldn't be revealed to the public.

They don't want to reveal the email address that Clinton has been using illegally to circumvent public oversight into US foreign policy. Why? Is she still using it? Hasn't she stopped committing that crime yet?

Comment So much for the knowledge economy... (Score 1) 17

They tell us that manufacturing jobs are moving to low-regulation and low-salary countries so we need to focus on our knowledge and build a knowledge economy. If India hasn't dispelled that myth, then perhaps Apple starting to migrate its knowledge departments to China will.

Comment Sounds like they've been misinterpreting Wenger... (Score 1) 75

FB probably consulted with so "experts" about finding more ways to expand their surveillance empire and some bright spark brought up communities of practice (CoP). I bet I even know which book they read: https://www.worldcat.org/title...

For all the wonderful ideas behind CoP and what it can offer to businesses and corporations, FB probably don't understand (and don't care about) the kind of culture change that is necessary to allow CoPs to develop, live, grow, and evolve in the workplace. It'll work at exceptional places like Valve and Ideo but 99% of the time it ain't gonna happen. They'll spend all their time and budget on setting up the software and systems and nowhere near enough time and resources to implement the part that actually makes the difference. As Bev Wenger-Trayner puts it,

"Yet again I have a client – of 5 years – who has made the technology a centre-piece of their strategy.

I cry.

It’s a technology that I suggested and helped to create. But I seem powerless to convince them that the proportion of resources they are investing in technology as opposed to building the learning network are a waste of everyone’s time.

Technology and community building are not the same thing. I get it. Funding can be easier for tech. Tech is sexy or mysterious – depending on your relationship with it. Organizations understand $$ for tech.

But it won’t build you a network. Building a network requires social artistry, persistence, understanding the community, knowledge of the domain, attention to practices, conversations, more conversations, and concern for creating value."

If your only qualifications are being a tech whizz, you are not cut out for the job.

If training people on how to use a simple technology takes up a hundred per cent of your attention, you are on the wrong track. If it takes up less than five percent of your time – in response to requests by network members – you are probably getting close.

It’s community building 101. And I have to watch as my.own.client repeats the same.old.mistake.

I cry.

Source: http://wenger-trayner.com/refl...

Comment US education policy... (Score 2) 228

...is increasingly being dominated by people with little or no teaching experience, training, or knowledge about the theory and practice of learning.

Who has prescribed this academic curriculum for kindergarteners? What do they know about developmental psychology? Have they even read Vygotsky, Piaget, Bruner, et al.?

Something tells me that the people doing this don't have children's, teachers', and parents' best interests at heart.

Comment Re:Wut (Score 1) 55

Hi AthanasiusKircher, I wouldn't worry too much about kids learning bad physics from Minecraft. They probably aren't learning anything other than how to play Minecraft.

So, they're claiming that Minecraft is useful for achieving educational learning outcomes. Where's the evidence? What are the effect sizes, what are they for, and under what conditions? I've managed to find two papers that discuss effect sizes; one simply claims that proficiency at Minecraft is a good indicator of already developed spatial temporal reasoning, the other was for teaching spatial-temporal reasoning but for a single, simple instance, and under very specific conditions that are unlikely to be replicated in real-world classrooms. Of course, the media are going to continue to run with stories about how Minecraft are great for education without doing any fact-checking, just like they did with Fold-It, which although it was excellent for performing chemical manipulations that computers couldn't do for researchers, turned out not to teach anyone playing the game anything useful.

I foresee a generation of college graduates with Minecraft skills on their resumes.

Comment Re:No chance. (Score 1) 387

It takes a rare a special breed of person to stand up for what they believe is right and to do the right thing with the understanding that the state will come down on them and try to destroy their lives. There's no glory in being humiliated, having your character, legacy, and the rest of your life torn asunder by lies and propaganda.

BTW, the US just denied entry to former British Ambassador and whistle-blower on the UK's involvement in the CIA's kidnapping and torture programme in Uzbekistan, Craig Murray. He's also been a fierce critic of Putin and Russian oligarchs but never refused entry to Russia. So much for the US taking the moral high-ground and espousing free speech in world politics.

Comment Re:Why is this a problem? (Score 1) 395

Ah, you must be testing me, brother. That's doubleplusgood too. We have to catch out those thought criminals and make sure they're sent for re-education. And no, I don't think the US govt. are too worried about the proles committing violence on each other. TV shows and movies seem to encourage it.

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