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Submission + - Sears/Kmart "community" a front for spywar (

Arrogant-Bastard writes: Attention Kmart (and Sears) shoppers: here's your chance to have everything you do with your web browser — including your visits to banking sites, etc. — logged by a third party with a history of involvement in spyware and spam. CA's security advisor blog (see link) is reporting that this malware is quietly installed — supposedly to facilitate participation in a "community"...that doesn't appear to actually exist.

Submission + - alternative to spying

carp3_noct3m writes: (please don't go to, its pr0n) Offers a good alternative to and their lack of privacy. from "The London-based watchdog Privacy International ranked Google as "hostile to privacy" in its survey of internet firms, its lowest rating. Rivals Yahoo and Microsoft also fared poorly." "Google, the industry leader, stores personal information for 18 months, as does Microsoft's search engine. Yahoo and Time Warner's AOL retain search requests for 13 months." So, if you're like me and have been looking for a Google alternative, this may be it, at least until its shutdown.

Feed Techdirt: Student Films Principal Fighting Another Student... School Board Bans Mobile Pho (

A few years ago, we wrote a story about some students filming a teacher's angry outburst in a classroom and putting that film up on the web. Rather than disciplining the teacher for the outburst, the school disciplined the students and banned mobile phones. The lesson? It's okay for teachers to act inappropriately. It's not okay for students to reveal that behavior. It seems other schools want to teach that same lesson. The Agitator points us to another school that has banned mobile phones in school after a student filmed the principal in a physical fight with another student. At least in this case, the principal was put on leave. No matter what you think concerning mobile phones in schools, it seems pretty clear that this change in policy was brought about because of the principal getting filmed. If anything, that should be a reason to encourage more students to have mobile phones -- so that they can expose inappropriate behavior. Apparently, the school board believes its better to just pretend inappropriate behavior doesn't exist rather than to document it.

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