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Comment Re:Unstated, and important, assumptions? (Score 1) 166

(unless you are in the very small formally-proven-systems-written-in-Ada market, or something of that sort) v1.0 of snazzynewprotocol is a bit of a clusterfuck, and is available in only a single implementation, also highly dubious, while the old standbys have been polished considerably and have a number of implementations available...

Careful that we do not open Pandora's box here... (You know exactly what I am talking about, heh)

But on another note your exactly right. This article seems to talk about how protocols "evolved" but this is just as useful as painting a picture of the internet:
Time and time again I will see models looking at a picture of the internet "all at once", but without knowing what and why with each individual link, protocol, implementation, etc... this is a complete waste of time.

As you have said in so many words above, what these "researchers" did is a complete waste of time. Maybe they need to do some research on peering 101?

Disclaimer: I have not read the actual paper just a poorly written article linked by Slashdot. Perhaps there is much more to their work; if so, I do apologize.

Comment Re:The Year of Fear (Score 1) 4

Sorry for the late reply - been busy lately.

Year of Fear

there is more wisdom to that statement than you would think :)

This year is becoming the 'Year of Fear', and may be a turning point for corporate (and public) awareness that security is a pillar upon which your business is built - it is not an accessory tacked on after the fact.

Very well put.


Comment Re:Not to me (Score 1) 4

I guess my only reflection is what is perceived by the mainstream media and general public. These "hackings" and "stealing of personal" blah blah have really shown a light to the average consumer and how they may be affected by security...and thus the pointy haired boss has taken notice.

Your point regarding ICANN does piss me off too though...just the average citizen doesn't know enough or care (yet) regarding this issue unfortunately. (Perhaps this is changing, I've been known to be wrong on multiple occasions :) ).


Journal Journal: A short reflection to end the day. 4

You hear it, "Year of the Linux Desktop", "Cloud Computing", "Internet Kill Switch", "Copyright Reform", and many other hot issues today.

No this year will be quite different my friends... I do believe this year will simply be known as the year companies began listening to their IT department's advice, and spent the time and money needed to remedy their security. (At least to some noticeable extent)

Comment Re:Microsoft? (Score 1) 126

See the following process comparable to a maddening wikipedia link chain with no surprises:

(1) click on semi-relevant article with a title that seems like it may help to resolve said issue.
(2) find that this article has to be written for the likes of your grandmother (completely retarded user) or some weird error code (that uses like 8 digits these days) and is completely irrelevant.
(3) Look to the bottom and see See Also:
(4) Go to Step (1)

True story. In fact I bet this is really easy for content service providers because they only need to cache perhaps around 100 different help articles that can co-link and co-create a tangled mess from hell.

(You could say I am a Microsoft fan.)


Submission + - Goodbye MacDefender, welcome MacGuard, in hours... (

masterwit writes: From the article:
> Just hours after Apple updated a security update
> to protect Mac users against a rash of scareware
> attacks, a new variant began circulating that
> completely bypasses the malware-blocking
> measure.
I think some people predicted this in the comments of last article...this will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Comment I used to think... (Score 1) 11

I used to lean slightly right (as you well know from our previous threads damn_registrars due to some financial issues) meaning i hated a some politicians that were left and hated slightly less that were right. (all hatred, no "likes") After reading some of your journal entries throughout the past months I can conclusively say I am now non-biased and hate all politicians.

Mrs. Bachmann has so far not responded to the request. And while she cannot be said to endorse all the actions of her supporters, what has come from some of her supporters speaks volume about political discourse in our country today:
Cherry Hill Teen Threatened With Violence and Rape After Challenging Bachmann to Debate
From the article:

A lot of them are calling me a whore, Myers said of the anonymous postings. Amy and her father said the comments from conservative websites alarmed them most. Some commenter threatened to publish her home address. Others threatened violence. Some threatened rape.

The 16-year-old went on to point out just how disgusting of a job Bachmann herself does:

As one of a handful of women in Congress, you hold a distinct privilege and responsibility to better represent your gender nationally. The statements you make help to serve an injustice to not only the position of Congresswoman, but women everywhere.

We are expecting that Mrs. Bachmann will be in Iowa soon to announce her intention to run for the GOP Presidential nomination. Currently there is no expectation for her to respond specifically to this request for a debate, however.

It may have been this girl was being used to debate Mrs. Bachmann, but that does not justify the crude treatment of this girl. Damn politicians...

The day we have "good" politics in America is the day I am sufficiently brainwashed into believing there ever was "good" politics in the first place --- it just doesn't exist.

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