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Comment Re:Kind of makes you wish Nintendo had vision (Score 1) 146

this in support of the company that produced the GBA

Er... yeah, do you have any issue with the GBA?

a system that launched with Super Mario 64 DS

You're aware that other games have been released since Super Mario 64 right?

why doesn't the DS do anything else for me? With 35 million other folks out there owning one, it seems like there should be more here than whatever video game is inserted+pictochat.

You may be aware that the Nintendo DS is a game console, its first and foremost goal is to allow you to play games, not watch movies of listen to MP3s (even though first and third-party addons do actually allow you to)

The fact that it was built, marketed and thought of as a portable game console focused on allowing the user to play games, the very fact you criticize, is in fact probably one of the DS' sources of success. A minor one compared to the SW library, but one nonetheless.

Not to mention the complete and utter failure of the PSP's "entertainment center" strategy (have you checked the UMD movies sales as of late? Do you see many people using the PSP as their MP3 player? They're in the shitter and I don't, respectively)

If there were it would have to be sold seperately

As a matter of fact, there are, and they are already.

But I will give the PSP credit in the vein of my criticism against the DS: the PSP has upgradeable firmware and nothing that shows the lack of vision that pictochat displays.

Haven't seen the PSP's upgradeable firmware feature used for any upgrade yet, unless you consider "homebrew" crackdown an upgrade.

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