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Journal Journal: Is Cloud computing catching on?

Using computers to gather information, organize information, and arrange information in a variety of ways is something that software developers have been working on since the initial invention of what we know as computer systems. In the early days, the focus was on making computer systems easier to program. We started with having to program the computers with buttons and switches, toggling settings that generated a 1 or a 0, representing a change in voltage, and the values represented were

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Journal Journal: Reviewing the latest speed wars in Web Browsers

Google raised quite a stir when they claimed to have the fastest Web browser, and Apple did the same when they claimed that Safari is the fastest Web browser. Clearly we can't have TWO "fastest Web Browsers". Where do things stand today?

Well, what is good about all of this stuff is that browser developers are taking a closer look at resource utilization of their browsers. For many years, as Web browsers added more and more features, they became more and more bloated.


Submission + - antiX M8.2 Test 1 now available and looking GREAT! (

masinick writes: " contains the announcement of a new testing release of the upcoming antiX M8.2. This is the first test release, but it is already looking very good.

I gush about it in a blog at and I encourage those of you who like to test lightweight Linux desktop distributions, especially live CDs that can be customized and remastered to look at this one, it is very good!"

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