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Comment Re:Is it just D&D ? (Score 1) 496

As has been discussed before, that's one definition (capital F fundamentalism).

No, it's not. Can you show me any dictionary that defines fundamentalism as "Let's strip off all of the ritual, tradition, cruft, and bloat that's crept into Christianity over the past 2000 years, and get back to what was preached and practiced back in the First Century"? I didn't think so. That's your own interpretation, and is significantly off the mark, as fundamentalism (being a recent re-interpretration of Christianity) adds its own cruft and bloat.

Comment Outsourcing (Score 3, Informative) 187

Anyone know of any large outsourcing company that deliver what they promised, to a decent quality?

Capita are another company that comes to mind. They have ripped off most public services in the UK with their poor products. Capita did a good job at ripping Birmingham City Council off with their new web site.

Comment Re:Too cheap of a hack (Score 1) 454

This is a great idea. If you know you have to leave for work at a certain hour, you can use an online calendar program that has the option to send you an alarm by sms. It sounds a really interesting project that many of us would like to read about. If you aren't good at putting together web pages, then get a free blog account such as Blogger or Livejournal. Make each aspect of the project into an article you post online.


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