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Comment The GPL has not won (Score 2) 476

Care to show me the GPLed webserver that outshines Apache in marketshare? Or the GPLed DNS-server that outshines BIND in marketshare? Or the GPLed SSH implementation that dwarves OpenSSH's marketshare? And can you explain why Apache OpenOffice seems to win against LibreOffice? And when did Firefox switch to the GPL? And why are so many projects switching from GCC to LVM? So where in your world did the GPL win? But of course, if you think that Linux is becoming the world's most used OS...
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Journal Journal: Kathy Sierra 1

How odd. I just noticed that the whole Kathy Sierra harassment issue has not come up (did I blink and miss it?). This seems kind of odd. Certainly, online standards of behavior and internet harassment are something that should matter to we nerds who spend much of our life online. This is pretty much the only forum relevant to the topic that I frequent that has not brought it up. Why is this not seen as important? Is there a legitimate reason is has not come up? Is it insensitivity of t

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