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Submission + - Is the Web really the best way to build distributed applications?

simonstl writes: The Web grew up in a tough neighborhood, popular but infested with feuding constituencies and sprawled across multiple platforms. I argue that those challenges have created a best-of-breed solution, even if it doesn't look like the toolbox developers from more civilized environments expect. It's not just that the Web is what we have to do this work — it's that the Web is what we have to do this work because it learned lessons other platforms haven't yet even noticed.

Submission + - How would you design Congressman Honda's website? (

marsee writes: "Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose asks 'How can Congress take advantage of web 2.0 technologies to transform the relationship between citizens and government? Instead of viewing the public as a customer for services, I believe that we should empower citizens to become our partners in shaping the future of our nation.' Congressman Honda is soliciting ideas for his new website and sharing the most innovative with other members of congress and is a guest blogger on Radar."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Tech Limericks at O'Reilly for ST. Patrick's Day (

Marsee writes: "O'Reilly's running a limerick contest 'encouraging you to write a limerick that is either tech-themed or that references O'Reilly Media or one (or more) books. Anything goes, so long as it fits the standard form of a limerick and is a PG rating.' Here's one of the latest submissions by anonymous:

There was an old woman with a hash
who couldn't find a path through her cache
she consulted o'reilly,
and, oh, blimey,
she completed her task with a bash!"

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