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Submission + - Ever been owned? Practical advice on how to defend and harden your linux server. (yosti.net)

markyosti writes: What happens when an attacker wants to own your linux server? This article gives a 10,000 feet view of what an attack looks like while providing suggestions on how to defend and harden the setup of your server.

The suggestions start with a few generic rules anyone should follow, to then dig in the technical details on how to put those rule into practice on a Debian based systems. No special tools, patches, or knowledge as required — most of what is described comes from wisdom and experience with administering many linux servers.


Submission + - Need a VPN to secure your surfing? Really? (blogspot.com)

markyosti writes: There seems to be a trend lately of buying and using VPN services to protect your privacy online and secure your connections, not just to connect to your office or home service. But... is this really necessary? Is this a good idea? Does it protect against any real threat? The article presents how a VPN works in simple words, and tries to debunk some of the myths around VPNs. It is not exhaustive, much more could be said, but what is your opinion? What do you think?

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